Pantagraph LIES!

By: Diane Benjamin

Today an editorial writer is attempting to rewrite the history of Japan, Tari Renner, Margot Erhlich, and PCards.

I have the minutes of the Sister Cities Committee.  Margot is NEVER listed  as a member or attending a meeting!  The editorial claims she is a member and everybody should ignore the law!

If you are still a subscriber or reader of the Pantagraph, WHY?

Comments aren’t allowed to the story!


12 thoughts on “Pantagraph LIES!

  1. Subscriber? – I haven’t even bought one copy of the thing for years. Looks like Tarry or one of the lackeys has scrambled “the forces” and the Pravdgraph has stepped up to do their part. The sheep and snowflakes will believe whatever the Pravdagraph writes as if it MUST be true and thus settled.


  2. Not to mention that the Pravdagraph disabled comments on this BS “opinion” from the get-go. AFA subscribing to this rag, it’s a “friends close, enemies closer” sort of thing. But when I do finally drop it, will borrow from various bolshevik protester groups and burn my orange newspaper tube in effigy. Perhaps there should be a press conference for this ceremony?


  3. Years ago a friend of mine used to advertise in the Paragraph. She quit because the return was horrible. Nobody has spent more than five minutes perusing through that rag for years.


  4. The editorial writer is not so much a liar as just plain ignorant–spewing the pig-feed from the City’s elected officials and administration. Even the ramblings about the history of revitalization of downtown are not factual. The glowing support of the Task Force shows no indication that the writer was at the meetings or read the meeting minutes–unless this editorial was written by Ms.Stiller who lives in an alternate universe.
    As for who is the “victim” of the Japan trip fiasco, it is the City and its reputation which has been tarnished by a self-serving, narcissistic, compulsive liar.


    1. Could be an intentional lie, could be ignorance, could be a bit of both. Do be careful in granting the benefit of doubt however as that is what they feed on.


      1. Point taken. But, know-it-alls, such as the editorial writer, don’t like to be called ignorant. There is no “benefit of the doubt” given to the self-serving, narcissistic mayor.


  5. The “breaking news” announcement in the Pantagraph regarding Renner’s return to his duties as mayor has removed the opportunity to comment–of course.


      1. Doctors advise but it would ultimately be the patient’s choice. The article quotes Renner as saying, he will be discussing his return with friends and family. The City apparently has not received anything official. The photo accompanying the article looks like the ribbon cutting from Green Top Grocery.


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