The names

By:  Diane Benjamin

Now I have reports of 2 incidents unbecoming common decency.  Until either or both are confirmed by somebody on the trip, I can’t do a story.  I am told the Council most likely knows about at least one of these.

I wouldn’t be posting this list if any of them had confirmed what Renner did in Japan.  If you know them, ask why they didn’t?

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    1. These names represent “donors.” It is assumed that the “donation” was to cover the cost of the trip to Japan. The final “donations” were made 5/10/17. I believe Margot’s ticket was purchased 5/12/17 and reimbursed 5/26/17. She definitely did not make a “donation” as part of the delegation.

      1. Diane, thanks for the clarification. The list says “Sister Cit Donations.” By matching the FOIA, it makes more sense.

  1. Why in the heck are you teasing a story that is lacking corroboration? Are you trying to give Tari’s people a jump on spinning this or putting out their “own” version of events before you even write a story? Here is a tip: if you can’t corroborate it, don’t write about it! No matter how true you think it is, you have to make sure Tari can’t refute what was said. That means actually sitting down with the sources and asking questions. If none of the people that can corroborate the events around the event talk to you, the story is as good as false.

  2. What are the allegations? Been on enough “business” trips away from home to know there is always somebody doing something shameful.

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