Update: Did Tari do this?

I just got a tip that Tari Renner came close to creating an International incident while in Japan.  He didn’t realize one of the hosts spoke English.

Anyone with information needs to contact me!  [email protected]

Sources are of course protected!

I hear the people on the trip are afraid to talk because it might damage the program.

Tari already damaged the program!

The best way to save it is to expose what he did.

Think Japan wants him involved in the future?

Do I need to post the names of who paid  to go that I got by FOIA?

Is the council going to keep covering this up?


12 thoughts on “Update: Did Tari do this?

  1. Why am I not surprised!?! He has no self control or self awareness. How foolish of him to think that in this age of globalization, citizens of other countries don’t speak English.

  2. I’ve heard the rumors from folks who were on the trip, but they aren’t talking….they don’t want to damage the program.

    1. Renner has already brought shame to the program by his misuse of the PCard for the plane ticket for Margot. Being an ugly American is shameful behavior. The Sister City Committee did nothing wrong regarding the Japan visit. (OMA training should have been provided by Hales.) The program will not be damaged by the truth.

  3. ANYONE who goes to a foreign country and DOES NOT think that some if not most, of the population speaks ENGLISH, is a COMPLETE IDIOT!
    IF you don’t speak THEIR language, YOU are the one at a disadvantage..

  4. I’m sure he behaves like an idiot, the consummate “ugly American”. The kind who should never leave their own country unless it’s to an all inclusive resort or something where he is surrounded by other people who don’t have a clue and a patient staff who is well accustomed to ignorant behavior. I see his type now and then in my travels. I REALLY hope you can get the low down on this – it would be delicious.

  5. Renner is famous for absolutely filthy language during is college lectures at IWU. Unfortunately, the vast majority of his “mush for brains” millennial Marxists seem to find it funny and “cool”. Can’t imagine that there are many Conservative and/or Christian young people among the Student Body anymore. It has become a VERY hostile environment for them.

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