Are you a victim of Justin Barr?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m hearing stories from all over central Illinois about people who have hired Justin Barr and feel ripped off.  All the reports started when I published this story:

If you are a victim and have NOT filed a police report, you need to now.  If the police refuse to take the report because they consider it a civil matter, have them contact Don Knapp, McLean County State’s Attorney.  He will fill them in on what is happening and ask them to take the report so the claims can be investigated.

If you aren’t in McLean County go to your local sheriff and file a report.  If they refuse to take it, contact your State’s Attorney and have them call Don Knapp.  The easiest cases of fraud to prove are ones where money was taken and no work was done.  Others are more difficult, but all need to be reported so a complete story can be put together.

Please let me know you too so I can track what’s happening:  [email protected]



6 thoughts on “Are you a victim of Justin Barr?

  1. Sad, how some sheriff’s run for office “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” then when it comes time to do a SIMPLE task, they are all about ignoring OR avoiding the issue!
    HOW MANY times do you hear in the news that IF a sheriff/police had ACTED sooner, a MAJOR crime WOULD have been stopped? The case of the Waffle House shooter from Morton is a recent example..

  2. Anyone that is having trouble getting their Sherriff office or States Attorney to listen, l would love to chat with you. We have the statue of what home fraud and theft of deception is and this will push them to investigate if you meet certain criteria. I am not sure I can leave my contact information on here? If so, I will put in later. I am meeting with Don Knapp today to address a lot of issues.

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