Update: Justin Barr

By:  Diane Benjamin

People claiming to be victims of Justin Barr are in MANY counties.  My website has been blowing up with reads.

Too many people are reporting their sheriff or police refuse to take a complaint.  Some State’s Attorneys think the cases should be civil.  If you are not in McLean County and can’t get your State’s Attorney to act, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office:


Since there are so many cases in many counties, this office might be the best place.

I can tell you the McLean County State’s Attorney is looking at cases.  I’m not going to give any more details than that yet.

Justin Barr got bailed out of jail in Will County yesterday after telling the court he couldn’t afford it and begging for a bail reduction.  The reduction was denied.

He suddenly found more than $30,000.  I hear one of his victims there was a retired police officer. (nobody claims he is intelligent)

How can you keep from getting ripped off?  Besides the obvious guy to never hire:

  • Ask to see their license for the work you want done.
  • If they want money to buy materials, write the check and mail it to the materials company, not them.
  • Never pay them in advance
  • Search their name and business name on the internet – and not just the first page that comes up.
  • Enter their name and business name on the McLean County website to see if they have a criminal record or civil record of being sued:      https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/137/Public-Access-Search-System

If you have any other suggestions, let me know.







8 thoughts on “Update: Justin Barr

  1. Well it appears that the right wing blog is actually providing a service to the area by publicizing this individual’s crimes! Thanks for doing this Diane.

  2. One would think a police officer, retired or NOT would have done his “homework”.
    Secondly, There OUGHT to be some kind of law that states IF he CAN post $30K He STAYS in jail, and the money goes to people he scammed! Now the STATE will get THEIR cut, and the victims will be left in the cold!
    I know, innocent until proven guilty, but this sounds like a MAJOR epidemic of hoodwinks!

  3. When a contractor says he need “x” materials, etc., tell him to give you a list, and YOU buy what he needs where YOU want to. Have that in the contract. “Homeowner will furnish materials per the list below, which is agreed upon by the Contractor and the Homeowner”.

    If he insists that he can get things cheaper with his “contractor discount”, have him set up the purchase, and then tell him you will go there and pay for it.

  4. Another SAD note on all this, is that IF the States Attorney DOES prosecute AND get restitution, there’s NO GUARANTEE that the people will EVER get it, as the S.A. office will forget that as soon as the guy walks out of the court room. The ONLY thing they will hold him to is HIS FINES, and if he flees, they’ll not persue that either.. except by issuing a warrant.

  5. As a victim, I would like to thank you again Diane for all the support that you have provided us. We have located other local victims through your efforts and we appreciate it. Myself and others are very determined to help people in the community avoid becoming another victim of this criminal and to put him behind bars. We are making progress and our local offices are being supportive thus far. This process has been going on now for several months, but we are gaining ground through efforts that you and others have provided. We all appreciate what you are doing for us. Thanks and God Bless!

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