Update: Lexington guy arrested in Joliet – he has history here

Barr petitioned to get his bail reduced.  He was denied.  It also looks like the State wants to know the source of bail money – if any is posted.  There will be more on this story pertaining to McLean County.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Source with picture:    https://patch.com/illinois/joliet/home-fraudster-busted-joliet-police-complaint

Read the details of the case against him at the link above.  The charges are extensive!

Barr has a record here too, but he was sued civilly instead of prosecuted.  The 2018 case states damages in excess of $50,000, but it’s hard to tell for what :  (from the County website)

The question is why was he never held criminally liable.  Does Barr have other local victims?

Epiphany Catholic School didn’t want to prosecute?

I wonder how many recovered any money by suing civilly?  If Barr would have been criminally prosecuted would he have been able to move on to Joliet?

If you know other victims, I bet they can find him in Joliet now!



17 thoughts on “Update: Lexington guy arrested in Joliet – he has history here

  1. Maybe, just MAYBE, the local authorities didn’t charge him because he wasn’t the “right fit” for our new jail??
    ANYBODY have their streets plowed yet? Ours isn’t!

      1. Diane I have plowed Township Roads and we always know we are going to catch Holy Ned from the home owners. If you live out side the City limits, look up your Townships Road Budget. Bear in mind that budget is to take care of the roads with the way it is budgeted. I also was a Township Trustee. If you want the snow plow to stop and spend 10-15 min. cleaning out each driveway connection to the road, can you estimate the additional time it would take to open just the roads? If you do that then at the same time estimate how much increase on the tax for the Road and Bridge fund it will add. In most cases the snow that is left at the end of your driveway, came from the same side of the road you live on and only from your property line to your driveway entrance. My intent is not to start a “Snow Plowing” argument, but to state what and why it happens. Sorry?

  2. Come On……plowing streets is SO “city services”. Tari’s Bloomington city government is all about “ideological transformation”. (aka: screwing the taxpayer).

  3. He has an amazing house(which he screwed all of his contractors out of), an inground pool, fancy cars including a range rover just bought for his sons birthday, his family are always in the latest clothes and posing for vacation and professional pictures….even had truck loads of sand brought in for a 30th bday party! I hope what they get what is coming to them!

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