How can Emig lead MCLP?

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to the paper, Alderman Julie Emig has been named Executive Director of the Multicultural Leadership Program.

She sits one person away from the racists mayor and says nothing.  Don’t forget, Not In Our Town hasn’t said a word either.

According to the article:   “A program designed to develop leaders who value diverse perspectives will have a new executive director.”

When the most of the Council sits back and does nothing, when Julie Emig pretends diverse perspectives matter, and when Not In Our Town says zero – these organizations prove who they are.  Diversity to them means people of different skin colors who all think alike.

The Council should have censured Tari yet again.  Better yet, an ordinance should be drafted so members of the Council, including the mayor, can be removed from office.

Tari meant exactly what he said:  Clarence Thomas doesn’t think like a black.  I posted a longer video that proves Tari wasn’t taken out on context:

Diversity of thought isn’t allowed, especially when the “victim” of attacks are in their minds “deplorables”.    To Tari Clarence Thomas is a deplorable, to the rest of us he’s a guy who happens to be black and is brilliant.

Thanks for clarifying the facts folks.  It’s fun watching the left implode and doing it to themselves.


7 thoughts on “How can Emig lead MCLP?

  1. Clarence Thomas is just an example of American success. He proves that it is not your skin color that determines your success or failure, rather it is your ideas and actions.

    Why is this concept so hard to understand?

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  2. Here is how it likely transpired. Emig caught wind of the opening. Seeing it as a perfect compliment to her job at ISU, she contacted Tari, who contacted a MCLP board member on her behalf. A few more calls among political friends and it was a done deal. Emig wins because it brings in more personal income in addition to her ISU retirement and pt council income. This is bad if you are a conservative but quite the opposite if you are a liberal. Tari wins because as a return favor, Emig makes sure that everyone Tari wants trained in the program gets trained, adding to his political army when he decides to run for higher office. Crabill and other Tari associates are already graduates so what is a few more? This is how things work if you belong to The Club. Party and politics matter little. It’s all about status and connections. Chicago has nothing on us.

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  3. Most people do understand that “it is not your skin color that determines your success or failure, rather it is your ideas and actions.” However the race baiters refuse to do so because it destroys their narrative as they prey on divide and conquer techniques to seize power.

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  4. “Diversity to them means people of different skin colors who all think alike.”

    That’s it, in a nutshell. They make me laugh when they try to make people believe that they are interested in diverse perspectives or “having conversations”. I’m laughing a bit now, for real.

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  5. Clarence Thomas is an originalist. He’s the most conservative member of the Supreme Court. That is why they dislike him so much. That is why they attack him. The content of his character is stellar, and their intolerance prevents them from abiding that.


  6. what’s even more fun is to watch liberals attack each other in public. Dem debates are must see TV just for that reason alone.


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