Want context Tari? Here it is

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner and his supporters are trying to claim the video I posted of him was taken out of context.  Actually, with more context it is worse.  Watch the video and listen to the reaction of those present.  Tari was smiling, nobody else was.








22 thoughts on “Want context Tari? Here it is

  1. Given context makes it much worse. The condescending way he said she should be proud of what she said and to get a copy of the video and him flipping his shoes around add to it. He just flippantly makes the Clarence Thomas remark for no real reason other than to get a rise then somehow thinks he is protected because he was raised on welfare. He obviously feels very entitled and is sad the so call leader of our town would make statements like this.

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  2. It is bull dog time. What was Tari’s reaction to the guy who stated that Tari and company needed to ride the bus for a month? If he continued in his “attitude” that may say more about him as well. While I like the fact that 25 did this story about the mayor, they should really focus some on the reason these people were there. Let the community know the problem and how Tari and company are responding attitude wise. That too can be a reason somebody might get off their butt and vote.

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    1. Tari said he couldn’t ride the bus because it doesn’t go where he needs to go. That’s what he said. From my perspective it doesn’t pick up or go places lots of people need to go. Tari is special though.

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  3. What did that whitey mayor say? What an unprofessional jack***!!!! The Bloomington voters get what they deserve for electing this jack*** as mayor.. He should submit his resignation NOW!

    There is nothing taken out of context. He meant what he said. No question about that.


  4. Congratulations, you made WGLT ! Hope the mayor has a unicycle, they can peddle backwards. Keep up the good work Diane. Put a few more wrinkles in the mayor’s forehead.

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  5. SO TARI, in what context were you in when you used to berate Judy Sterns while serving on council? What context were you in when you berated blogger Diane Benjamin when in a response on her site here? Context my astrolabe! You Mr. Tari Renner are a power hungry, hypocritical vile person with no dignity as you continue to exhibit the proof.

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  6. What exactly did Mayor Renner say that was wrong? Clarence Thomas has come into increasing criticism over his unhinged opinions that he has written recently. Thomas certainly has forgotten where he has come from, which was an poor African American minority in Georgia. Thomas at times have had various conflict of interest in his judicial opinions. Apparently no one can criticize Thomas. If this was another black person, like Obama you’d approve of that criticism and add to your own disapproval. If I objected to your criticism of Obama, you’d say I’m playing the “race card”.


    1. First of all what did Clarence Thomas have to do with this meeting at all?. Boom out of the blue the mayor dumps it out of his pie hole mouth. I was like uh what was that comment. Very unprofessional comment. What does where someone comes from have to do with their legal opinion? Nothing! If it does then I would question their ability to judge. It would seem to me he ruffled a few Democrat feathers when he shared his opinion of abortion. He did make a valid point.


    2. Are you defending what Renner saiid? Do tell me Ken how should an African American act. Please be specific. Actually maybe you and Tari can get together and write an editorial for our community on how African Americans should behave. After that maybe you can tell us how rape victims should behave.

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      1. It’s not how African American’s “act” is how they comport themselves. It’s pretty rich that you mention rape victims. Thomas was notorious when he headed EEOC of harassing women with description of pornographic situations. Anita Hill was not the only one who he creeped out with inappropriate pornographic imagery. If you were a rape victim would you like your boss who was Thomas regaling you with his sick thoughts? If that happened today in any business he would have been fired. Instead he in the Supreme Court.


    1. Thomas is a legal scholar? Gee did we forget about Anita Hill? Did we forget about his recent comments about eugenics? Or the fact that he is in constant conflict of interest because of his wife’s political lobbying? How is that being a “legal scholar”? Former President of the United States is Marxist Chicago Thug? There is the racist dog whistle I was talking about. You have no idea what a Marxist is or the fact that calling Obama a thug is racist. However to you it’s all O.K. because you call the black man you favor a “legal scholar”. If Thomas wasn’t the “silver” African American you approve of you’d be calling him a Marxist and a thug. Obama is too uppity for you therefore you can write racist nonsense about the president.

      The other fact is that any Mayor including the mayor of Bloomington can have opinions about anyone including Supreme Court justices. Renner stated that Clarence Thomas forgot where he came from. That statement is spot on. The video was taken during a long discussion about diversity and mass transit. A small portion was taken out of context to further this blogger’s blind hatred of the mayor of Bloomington. It also part of her campaign to end Connect Transit and mass transit in Bloomington which she also hates.


      1. “Anita Hill was Kavanaugh part 1. She had no proof, just like the recent accusers.”

        So your message to women is to shut up because you and other Republicans will not believe them since they have no “proof”. So a justice who sexually harassed a women was narrowly appointed to the Supreme Court. Another justice who no only perjured himself and assaulted a 15-year-old girl is now also on the Supreme Court. Is this the way that you would want any of your daughters to be treated? They don’t have “proof” so a rapist gets away with a crime and it’s all good because you have a Supreme Court justice on your side. How very corrupt and out and out immoral. How are rape victims or victims of assault suppose to behave?


  7. Ken Stein I object to you because you the resident troll. But it’s still a (somewhat) free country so be who you want.


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