What local media ignores, others don’t: Tari’s video

Unless something changes before their news tonight – WEEK TV – Channel 25 will be playing the Tari Renner video.  I’m told they have contacted him for a comment.

I do not know which news broadcast it will be on.

The story I did was put on the local Not In Town Facebook page.  It has been deleted, but not before some members of this peaceful, loving, anti-bigot group posted comments:

niot comments

Not In Our Town means:

opinions and views we don’t agree with aren’t allow in Bloomington Normal.

Local officials need to quit pretending they are something more.

20 thoughts on “What local media ignores, others don’t: Tari’s video

  1. If it doesn’t play it will prove they don’t have the nerve to stand up to Tari. Too bad we are not more in the WAND-TV area. I have switched to watching them and they have no fear in chasing after little tin Gods like Renner.
    BTW, the time has come for the Connect Transit issue to be taken to a new level.
    1) Complaints need to be filed concerning them and the disregard for the ADA. Pictures of so called compliant pick up spots with someone in a wheelchair in a hazardous situation.
    2) Pickets in front of the meeting places of ALL city meetings where Connect Transit items are to be discussed. Press releases sent to the media prior to these events noting such as well.
    3) Complaints filed with the ACLU about failure of government to provide legally mandated access to buses. A copy of such sent to local politicians, media and HUD.
    It is time to use some of the tactics used by those like Carillo and Garcia. It should be more than obvious that going to the problem and trying to discuss the issue will not work. Just because some idiot holds a meeting to discuss issues means nothing when you talk to a wall.

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    1. The comment from Ravi is typical of the present group of ignorant green card foreigners now invading this country. Instead of making snide comments about how this country runs it’s business, he should return back to India or Pakistan from which he came and clean up his own filthy country that is backward, dirty and corrupt beyond imagination. Since he is a member of the smartest people in the world maybe he should quit being a part of arranged marriages, reincarnation and the caste system (which they all still believe in).


      1. Yes I think his comments speak volumes about the liberal pathogen some foreign immigrants have which manifests itself in self-rightest holier-than-tho anti-Americanism. Yes when you escape from a poverty invested country with a population of low IQ 3rd world savages, it doesn’t make sense to constantly criticize the best country that has ever existed on the planet. Yes and now I will say it: All of the countries that people want to immigrate to are countries who were built by white people. Yet they tell me to be ashamed of being white? We built the modern world but now I must be ashamed of being a white person and doubly ashamed because I am a white man?

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  2. Not in Our Town is part of the plantation. Like Mayor Renner NIOT will not tolerate diversity of thought. Especially, by a black person. No surprise they deleted the post.

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    1. That was nice of you Janet. FYI – Mark Huffman lists on his website many businesses and government entities that you will recognize. Here are just a few of his past customers of his advertising work: WGLT, The Town of Normal, Sugar Mama Bakery, Marc Center, Glenn Elementary School, Girls Scouts of McLean County and BN Parents. I bet there are folks in those organizations who would take issue with his characterization of them? Perhaps he knows the right people in the establishment and therefore doesn’t worry about what the deplorables think? Hey Mark, it is not very good for business to insult 1/2 of the people you make your living from.

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  3. Off subject but the new “affordable housing” development off Four Seasons Road with developmental costs is at $17.9 million for 56 units. That’s $319,642.86 per unit,,,for an apartment. OMG!!! “It is certainly an important affordable housing project for the enitre community.” quips Mayor Tari Renner as per the recent edition of the BN Neighbors lame stream publication.

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  4. Damn, it made the friggin’ lead position after weather hit at 6pm on WEEK…. Of course the idiot mayor got a chance to TRY TO tap dance out. My question if as he says it was taken out of context….why the immediate reaction by those there and heard on the video? Supposably Angelia Scott will get a chance to respond. I hope to God she says “let the people decide and here is the place to see the whole conversation and see if Tari was taken out of context.” She should then say why it wasn’t taken out of context. The big thing—-regardless, for once the mayor could not stop the video fro airing and control the media 100%. Wonder what the slantagraph will do now….? Is anyone sending this to the NAACP? I am sure they might have an opinion..

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