More Gold Plated Insurance?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the agenda for the Bloomington City Council on Monday is approving an agreement with Health Alliance to cover fire fighters and retirees.  Of course it’s on the consent agenda so nobody asks questions.  See the NUMEROUS pages beginning on PDF page 87  HERE

Sometimes i have to wonder if way too many pages are included just to confuse the Council and make sure they don’t notice things that are left out.

The City is paying 75% of the premiums regardless of how many kids the employee may have, but other than the cost,  very little other information (except legalize) is included.

I really like this statement:

exhbitbI’d like to know if this plan is more “gold-plated” insurance like all the other City plans – deductibles and co-pays are ridiculously low compared to the private sector.  I looked for Exhibit “A”.  Here’s it is:

exhibitaNo, I couldn’t get the information at that link.

Evidently it’s a secret!

Maybe Alderman Fruin will ask, he seems to be the only one who cares that taxpayers are forced to pay for coverage they will never have.

I wonder what happened when Tari Renner asked people to send him their coverage summaries months ago?

That discussion, like every other discussion on cuts, is Gone With The Wind.

Elections have consequences!  Happy empty wallet.






5 thoughts on “More Gold Plated Insurance?

  1. Health coverage summaries were mailed to Rosie’s as per the Mayor’s request. As I read the packet, this health coverage is part the Fire Fighter’s union contract negotiations, not all employees. However, this coverage is gold-plated and unsustainable. The Council doesn’t want to act on any benefits without looking at the entire package of perks–IMRF, health, etc. Evaluation of the benefits package will not be addressed during an election cycle, if ever, just like the water/sewer fee increase is being postponed until May 2017.


      1. Agreed! They won’t and that’s the problem. Hales is leaving very soon, I hear, to a new job. What perks does he take with him??


      2. With spiking as well, I suppose! That’s why he was not interested in changing the policy. It will have to be included in the Council packet for all to see though.


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