Bloomington RESPONSE times

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the City of Bloomington wants taxpayers to fund another fire station to lower the response times, and taxpayers have already been charged for an additional ambulance crew, here’s another idea:

Return to METCOM!

I don’t know how calls are routed if a citizen dials 911.  I do know I dialed 911 last spring when I came on a bad accident in the country.  The operator had trouble figuring out where the accident was, but finally transferred me to METCOM.  I’m assuming I got the Bloomington dispatch since her comment was “transfer me to the county”.

How many emergency calls are answered by METCOM and have to be transferred to Bloomington dispatch.  Evidently seconds matter, the 911 system is wasting them.  (Not to mention duplicating services)

When the Bloomington Election Commission called the police for “unruly citizens”, they initially got METCOM.  I FOID’d the audio.  Then a discussion took place about the government building being under Bloomington’s jurisdiction.  A METCOM dispatcher then called Bloomington dispatch.

Good thing there wasn’t an active shooter!

But then, guns aren’t allowed in the Government Center.  The sign on the door says so.

Don’t forget, taxpayers already paid MILLIONS for a fire station that has never been used.

This Council will never vote for common sense solutions, yes – elections matter.


4 thoughts on “Bloomington RESPONSE times

  1. I have ZERO faith in the dispatch system here. Several years back, I had property stolen at the farm. I called the police, and they SAID they’d meet me in 1/2 hour THERE. I waited an hour, no show, went to the local elevator and called AGAIN, they sent the police up the wrong road, so I told the police I’d meet them at the elevator. That took another 1/2 hour. Glad It wasn’t an emergency. Seems they have a PROBLEM where 150 and Ropp road are.


    1. The County has few people out in the country. A relative called me hysterical some years ago because she was home alone and heard motorcycles on her country home property. I kept her on one phone and called the sheriff on another. I was told the only patrol was way on the other side of town. An hour later he showed up. That’s why the 2nd amendment was and is essential.


  2. Diane I am no expert, but I think I heard on Fox News yesterday, the 911 equip picks up on the cell tower being used and thus you have to try and provide an address sometimes. No expert u understand, short version of what I thought I heard. A CHECK IS IN THE MAIL…THANKS SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO ________________________________


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