Fake news preview

By:  Diane Benjamin

On January 3rd you will know why local media is the home of FAKE NEWS!

Meanwhile, here’s a preview:

WJBC did a year in review – listen HERE

Fast forward to hear what they reported for the Coliseum at 31:00

No mention of my findings because of a lawsuit and no mention of the State Police investigating.  Yes, they are still investigating.

WJBC twisted the story to make you believe Renner wanted more transparency and CIAM quit because they didn’t want to provide it.  Sure.

Expect the WJBC endorsement for Renner to be re-elected.

Then there are the Pantagraph errors.

On December 23rd they printed another anonymous editorial slightly scolding candidates for not taking care in gathering signatures on petitions.  Of course, no names were used (Renner) – you know, like the GUILTY parties (Renner)!  Yesterday another anonymous editorial had to correct the previous one because signatures of only ONE candidate were checked.  Again – no names.  (Renner)  Hiding the truth doesn’t mean people don’t know.  (Renner)

You can find both editorials on-line – The Cheers and Jeers editions.

Expect their endorsement for Renner too.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for a great year and all you do to spread the word so REAL news can inform voters.





4 thoughts on “Fake news preview

  1. Renner is implicitly taking credit for or credit is implicitly bestowed upon him for the 150 entry level jobs at Afni. Let’s be clear: Renner had nothing to do with Afni’s internal business decision. This Mayoral election cycle will be full of manipulation of the truth by the media as it fed to them.


  2. Let’s be clear about a few more things. Renner was the first Mayor in the history of Bloomington to be “censured.” During Renner’s term as Mayor there was the single highest tax increase in the history of the City of Bloomington @ 1%. That tax increase was on the heels of multiple additional tax increases just 2 years prior. Let’s not forget the highest pension spiking in the state happened under his watch. Sadly, voters have short memories and politicians count on that.


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