Bloomington has a new website!

By: Diane Benjamin

I hope they aren’t done with it – because it doesn’t go where you click.

Why did Bloomington need a new website? The old one was pretty good except for the missing information.

What was missing?

The financial statements for the year ending 4/30/16

Any reports of tax receipts since Hales quit doing City Manager reports in the award-winning form he used to do.

webTry finding Meetings and Agenda yourself.

City Council Documentation comes up with what looks to be contracts awarded.

I hope they have it fixed 48 hours before the next meeting!

Normal got a new website.  Is Bloomington playing the keeping up with Normal game?

Was this ever discussed at Council?  How much did it cost?  Who is going to explain why taxpayer money was spent to change a website that already worked really well?

Ready to throw the bums out?

I did finally find the agendas – note the highlighted areas are the same on both screens.  I think they created a “rat maze” for people who demand to know what they are doing.  I bet they are laughing as I write.








Remember all that promised transparency from the new Coliseum management?

Nothing current has been posted on the website:  Coliseum reports

In fact, the old reports aren’t working either.


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