More FAKE News: WJBC, Matejka

By:  Diane Benjamin

WJBC gives citizens a platform on their “Forum”.  Since some individuals use this platform to spout lies, they need to be exposed.  Eventually WJBC doesn’t care.

The latest culprit is once again Mike Matejka.  See his comments HERE

Matejka claimed the challengers to Tari Renner’s petitions didn’t do the hard work:

Those challenging the Mayor have failed to do that tedious work.  Instead, they’ve challenged hundreds of voter signatures, without having gone through these individual records to find specific discrepancies; nor have they produced affidavits from voters who said they did not sign the petition.  There is only one word for the conduct displayed here and it’s harassment.

Hey Mike!  Kevin Gerrard and 2 other citizens spent MANY hours looking up every name on Renner’s petitions at the Bloomington Election Commission office.  That’s why Kevin withdrew his original filing and refiled with many more names!  Evidently Mike missed the guy who testified FOR Renner who said that he signed his wife’s name.  I can understand the confusion considering WJBC left that nugget out of their story.

Let’s continue:

Not only do the petition challengers and their cohort of video-toting sidekicks from Edgar County have little evidence of petition fraud, they have also been extremely disrespectful to the volunteers who serve as election commissioners, calling for citizen’s arrest and name calling.  Going up to Mayor Renner during the hearing and publicly calling him the name of a body orifice is totally inappropriate.

Mike, read slowly so this soaks into your noggin:  The Edgar County Watchdogs were there is stop an ILLEGAL meeting!  No allegations about petition fraud were ever made by them.  Since you weren’t there – how about watching the video before you spew more FAKE NEWS!  See it here:

Do laws matter Mike?  Were we just supposed to allow a crime to be committed in front of us?  Is that what you would do?

One more:

Going up to Mayor Renner during the hearing and publicly calling him the name of a body orifice is totally inappropriate.

Mike, nobody “went up” to Renner.  Kevin Gerrard and Tari Renner were sitting next to each other.  Renner made some comment to Kevin – and whatever that was led to Kevin calling him a name.  Ask your buddy Tari what he said – then ask Kevin.  I bet you get two different answers.

Mike goes on to claim “Hopefully, those who run are doing so from a spirit of public service.”

I can agree that some of the people running are doing it in the spirit of public service.  I can’t agree all are.  Public servants wouldn’t tax their citizens to death without much to show for it.  Public servants wouldn’t have exploded spending to create government tyranny.  Public servants wouldn’t claim great economic development successes when EVERY project they will tout was handed taxpayer money.

Yes, FAKE NEWS does exist – it’s on WJBC.





15 thoughts on “More FAKE News: WJBC, Matejka

  1. Mikey is a Renner puppet. It always ceases to amaze me how quickly rumors are spread. Everything Mikey said is hearsay–not admissible in a court of law.


      1. He certainly didn’t read the Pantagraph where the names of the two people who helped in reviewing the signatures at the Election Commision Office were reported.


  2. Do laws matter to Matejka? Absolutely NOT. He lurks on the fringes of the far left and views himself as a social justice super hero. Social justice is lawless. Social justice demands that justice be carried out based on skin color and wealth. The justice dispensed can change from day to day. There is no rule of law.


    1. Matejka is trying to portray the perpetrator, Renner, as a victim. The process of questioning validity of a petition is not harassment, it is every citizens’ right.


  3. This is hilarious. You’re pointing out what you perceive as inaccuracies in an OPINION piece. The WJBC Forum is a place for *opinions*. Like the BLN News. But the irony is that you bill BLN News as news. LOL. Seriously, can you not see the irony here? I’m laughing so hard. The other thing is that you keep attacking WJBC. If they’re so bad, quit promoting them on your opinion blog and stop listening. They’re apparently not worth it. One more time: LOL, Diane.


    1. Mikey wasn’t at the Election Commission hearing and yet his “opinion” piece makes false statements as if they are true. He is not expressing an opinion but is trying to present his fallacy as reality.


  4. Funny how you benefit from an education at ISU, but then attack it. More irony. SMH and LOL. How much indirect support did you receive while at ISU? Think about what your tuition DIDN’T cover that the state picked up on your behalf for your misapplied education.


  5. LOL. More ignorance. I said “indirect support,” because what you pay doesn’t cover your education. Do you really think you’re paying dollar for dollar what your education cost?!? Just like your farms. It’s subsidized! LOL.


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