More media fail – WJBC

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday a hearing was held on Kevin Gerrard’s challenge to Tari Renner’s petitions.  WJBC has a report on their website:  HERE As usual, they left out some facts.  The email below was sent to the writer last night by Kevin Gerrard: . Eric, It always amazes me that you and other reporters […]

Stanford and the State’s Attorney

By:  Diane Benjamin Back in June the Village of Stanford Board approved a contract to tear down a house after a presentation by a relative of two board members.  The presentation and vote were not on the agenda, so that vote was illegal. See two stories:  HERE On the agenda under Legal – Mark McGrath […]

Normal’s assault on the private sector continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s assault on the private sector continued last night.  Last week they attacked the profits of local restaurants by subsidizing a competitor.  Keep in mind Portillos isn’t locally owned so the profits won’t stay local.  Many other restaurants will be hurt, their owners live and pay taxes here.   The local government they […]

Rule #1: Politicians LIE

Update:  A FOIA request has been filed for the original story By:  Diane Benjamin The ISU newspaper recently did a story on the challenges to Tari Renner’s petitions: Don’t bother clicking on the link though, the story has been taken down. The problem is they included lots of quotes from Renner and very little […]

Good news and YOU can help

By:  Diane Benjamin A project took place locally last year that I knew nothing about.  Start with this information: Last year, the Tool Library distributed a housing assessment survey to the West Bloomington community. We discovered that, in West Bloomington alone, over 300 children between the ages of 3 and 15 are sleeping on the […]

Matejka: Purveyor of FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin WJBC allows a few people to spout anything they want on their “Forums”. Yes, “Fake News” does exist – Mike Matejka used his forum platform back on December 1st to proliferate it.  See his comments here:  HERE Matejka is upset that Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. His […]

Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin PCard Spending for approval tonight: Why are taxpayers forced to fund holiday gifts for a Museum? Anybody know where these Christmas lights are? The Fire Department did the traveling this time: The minutes from the November Council retreat are included in the packet: HERE  They start on PDF page 38.  EVERY retreat […]

More on Rivian: Christian Prenzler

Below is research complied by college student Christian Prenzler. What is Rivian Automotive? Taking a look through the brief and unknown history of the start-up vehicle development company On Thursday afternoon, The Pantagraph broke the news that Rivian Automotive Inc. would be purchasing the plant in whole. Rivian is a Michigan based automotive engineering firm […]

How Normal can get their money back

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal threw away up to $2.5 million last week to get Portillos to locate in Normal.  The Normal Town Council was told Portillos would be a destination – people would drive from 100’s of miles away. Meanwhile, Champaign got one for free. Who is at fault? Listen to Kyle Ham, CEO of […]

Pretend Republican: Jesse Smart

By:  Diane Benjamin Local elections pretend to be non-partisan.  I remember Renner claiming that everybody wants to make Bloomington the best it can be (or something to that effect).  The problem is that his ilk think government, more taxes, and more spending will make Bloomington great.  Most citizens believe IT’S THEIR MONEY and they make […]

3 of 4 hearings canceled!

By:  Diane Benjamin I attended the 9:00am hearing this morning on the challenge of Bruce Meeks to the petitions filed by Tari Renner. As I reported earlier (HERE), Meeks was incorrectly served for his 4 hearings today.  This appears to be the fault of the Sheriff’s Department.  Paul Shannon reported BEC gave them 4 packets […]

Petition hearings TODAY

December 9, 2016 These hearing are scheduled for today: Bruce Meeks objections to Tari Renner petitions – 9:00 am Bruce Meeks objections to Diana Hauman petitions – 10:00 Bruce Meeks objections to Joni Painter petitions – 11:00 Bruce Meeks objections to J Balmer petitions – 12:00 Bruce was served the wrong documents for the Renner, […]

BEC has an attitude problem!

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent an email to Paul Shannon at the Bloomington Election Commission detailing Bloomington’s Public Comment policy.  He asked Paul why the Election Commission doesn’t have the same policy. This was Shannon’s reply: We are not funded through the city of Bloomington, but operate from funding with an intergovernmental agreement between […]

2.5 million reasons

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council provided 2.5 million reasons to replace whoever is up for election in April.  Start with Chris Koos. Portillos won’t be a destination for long.  Champaign is getting one of their own. The story is from AUGUST and clearly states they are looking at locations all over Central […]

Just to clarify . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin The integrity of elections matter.  The reason for filing petitions to run for public office is to show support from voters.  If any part of the petitions are falsified, signed by citizens not registered to vote, or not properly notarized the election becomes a joke. The Bloomington Election Commission is required to […]

UPDATE! Public Notice!

Update:  The challenge to Tari Renner’s petitions has been rescheduled for 2:30 Friday.  Hopefully, this meeting will be posted in their office by 2:30 today. Thanks everybody who called or emailed. __________________________________________ I sent the email below to the Bloomington Election Commission this morning.  Their office phone number is:  309-888-5136, demand this meeting be canceled […]

Another OMA violation – Allin Fire

By:  Diane Benjamin The Open Meetings Act was created to make sure citizens are informed about actions their government takes.  Imagine what would happen if all government actions took place in secret and you got the bill for whatever they dreamed up! The Edgar County Watchdogs wrote an easy to understand version of the Open […]

Surprise! You are the last to know

By:  Diane Benjamin I hear David Hales and Patti-Lynn Silva will be talking about raising property taxes!  This meeting is open to the public. Detroit Drive is off Towanda Barnes Road just north of the theater. I can tell you how they decide your taxes.  They need X dollars, they go to the Assessor and […]

BEC-The Saga continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the video shot by John Kraft of Edgar County Watchdogs at the meeting to hear the protest to Renner’s petitions.  John kept the video running after the meeting was recessed.  At 6:48 Jason Chambers, State’s Attorney, announced he was not going to intervene because his office would be responsible for […]

The video you WANT to see

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the video from the beginning of the meeting – up until when the police were called.  Almost everything you need to know about what happened this morning at the Bloomington Election Commission hearing is in this video.  I have more video I may post later.  The Edgar County Watchdogs also […]

Either laws matter or . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Before the hearing this morning at the Bloomington Election Commission started, Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs informed the Commission that the meeting was illegal because it violated the Open Meetings Act. The meeting time was not posted on the BEC website and no agenda was posted.  The agenda was important because […]

WJBC, Dick Durbin – fake news

By:  Diane Benjamin Our Democratic US Senator Dick Durbin is a frequent guest on the WJBC morning show.  Unfortunately he is allowed to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth unchallenged.  Yes, fake news does exist! Add this story to the long list of ones I never got around to writing last week.  The interview was on 11/29.  Listen […]

How much did CUBA cost you?

By:  Diane Benjamin Keep in mind Cuba is a communist country. Keep in mind human rights don’t exist in Cuba, especially if you are gay or oppose the government. Keep in mind most of the population makes less than $20 a month. Keep in mind, Cuba would love to have our tourist dollars – but […]

New rules for media

By:  Diane Benjamin I started BlnNews 4 1/2 years ago because the local media has an agenda.  Items against their agenda aren’t allowed.  I’m sure I’m not saying anything you don’t already know. In case you need an example, WGLT made the case for me this week.  They did a story about Tari Renner’s petitions […]

Sorry Stanford – more Petrey

By:  Diane Benjamin Metcom Stanford Police list:                 Metcom activity report for 11/28 – 12/12 Note ST1 only worked 1 day for 7 1/2 hours. What did ST1 – Ed Petrey get paid for 11/28/16 – 12/12/16? This gets a little tricky because his pay stub doesn’t include […]