WJBC, Dick Durbin – fake news

By:  Diane Benjamin

Our Democratic US Senator Dick Durbin is a frequent guest on the WJBC morning show.  Unfortunately he is allowed to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth unchallenged.  Yes, fake news does exist!

Add this story to the long list of ones I never got around to writing last week.  The interview was on 11/29.  Listen here:  https://audioboom.com/posts/5336543-dick-durbin-u-s-sen-11-29-16

Durbin actually claimed the Senate has never blocked a confirmation hearing on a president’s pick for the Supreme Court.

Contain your laughter now.

Since all of you are capable of reading facts for yourself, here they are:  http://aclj.org/supreme-court/democrats-and-republicans-agree-senate-should-hold-no-hearings-and-no-votes-on-supreme-court-nominee

This conversation starts at 12:30.  Durbin proclaimed in ALL OF HISTORY the Senate has never denied a candidate a vote.  Durbin is either uninformed or lying.  No wonder trust in public officials is ridiculously low, except by media.

Here’s one quote from the story:

The Congressional Research Service has pointed out that the U.S. Senate has confirmed 124 Supreme Court nominations out of 160 received.  22.5% of total nominations have failed to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  25 of the 36 failed nominations did not receive an up-or-down vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

I strongly urge you to listen to Durbin’s condescending tone while spewing his fake version of history.

Many other Durbin comments can easily be dispelled too.  An informed media would never let Durbin get by with spouting lies, so obviously Durbin appears on WJBC because he can get by with saying anything he wants without being called out.

Yes fake news does exist.  The problem is they don’t even know that’s who they are.





7 thoughts on “WJBC, Dick Durbin – fake news

  1. PART of the problem lies with WE THE PEOPLE, we have gotten so complacent to “listening” to TV’s, phones, radio, etc, and ALL the “other” internet media, that we DO NOT listen to CONTENT! This is ironic, as it makes us NUMB to whatever is being said, and so the media thinks we believe it. And us? We just plod along, and see what the next twitter, Facebook post or emil brings. SAD but true.
    This leads the media to be ABLE to report whatever spews out of the mouths of guests, and facts don’t matter, nor does anything else. So WE are part of the problem. As for WGLT. YES, their “reporting” has gotten a little too left for me, and I USED to like the station, but no more. And WJBC, well, look where they have BEEN and are now-is WGLT headed the same direction?

  2. WJBC will never challenge Senator Durbin for two reasons. 1. Senator Durbin is a democrat. 2. Senator Durbin will stop appearing on their show if they do. Unfortunately, the citizens suffer as a result. Yes fake news.

  3. This stuff goes on all the time at all levels of government. That’s why factual people who are willing to separate from their opinions are so important. We see so much stuff that is called fact that is false that it is no wonder people are confused and untrusting.

  4. The best one was a couple of months ago when WJBS (not a mistake) had Durbin on and he ended his blatherings with a two minute rampage blaming Republicans for the failure of Obamacare. It was absolutely hilarious.

  5. Diane, you rock. You are my news. For the record I am liberal, but I want the truth and you are the only news outlet where I seem to get that for Bloomington Normal. Thank you! You amaze me.

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