Shut down!

The petition hearing was shut down by the Edgar County Watchdog.

More to follow plus video.

Laws matter, this meeting violated the Open Meetings Act.




  1. Holy crap!! What will the Pantagraph headlines be? Breaking news on their website!?!


  2. when in rome says:

    Huh? Please hurry, I can hardly wait. My fingers are crossed.


  3. This is a point of pride? The disruption of a public hearing? As Trump might say: #sad This meeting was publicized last week. You even reported it! #stillsad


  4. Does ANYONE at city hall have a FUNCTIONAL brain? Where was Hales, NORA??? even Tari who says this is “frivolous” were ALL willing to break the law? This is just unbelievable!!!


  5. sticky bean says:

    Can someone connect some dots here? What happened?


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