How much did CUBA cost you?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind Cuba is a communist country.

Keep in mind human rights don’t exist in Cuba, especially if you are gay or oppose the government.

Keep in mind most of the population makes less than $20 a month.

Keep in mind, Cuba would love to have our tourist dollars – but they have very little to offer in return.

Bloomington’s mayor, Tari Renner went to Cuba from October 8th through October 15th.

Illinois Wesleyan University wrote a check to Bloomington to pay $800 of the trip.

The rest of it was paid for by the taxpayers of Bloomington:

cuba$3,583 – $800 = $2,783

No other expenses were received when I FOIA’d the information






10 thoughts on “How much did CUBA cost you?

  1. Wonder if he brought back cigars? What’s the matter with talking to LOCAL companies to get them to increase employment or grow, other then using TIFs or going to Cuba? This was nothing more then a pleasure trip on OUR $$$… He HAS to GO!

  2. Maybe I’m starting to show my age, but I grew up in an age when associating with communism was about the most un-American thing that one could do. Now in 2016 I’m beginning to realize that for many, way too many, it’s the cool thing to believe in. What could a mayor of a small midwestern city possibly gain by such a trip? Why does a local institution for higher-learning sign-off on this by paying a portion of this trip? Where is at least a hint of skepticism by the local media? We indeed live in dark times.

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