UPDATE! Public Notice!

Update:  The challenge to Tari Renner’s petitions has been rescheduled for 2:30 Friday.  Hopefully, this meeting will be posted in their office by 2:30 today.

Thanks everybody who called or emailed.


I sent the email below to the Bloomington Election Commission this morning.  Their office phone number is:  309-888-5136, demand this meeting be canceled before they are forced to cancel it.  Since the challenge process has not been handled according to the law, they should really take a step back and start over.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE! Public Notice!

  1. None of this legal action should be necessary!! If only people would follow the law. Laws are in place for everyone’s protection, not to be manipulated Voter fraud is a serious violation. Resolution is required within an open public meeting, governed by the OMA, for the protection of all involved, voters and candidates alike. It continues to amaze me that those who make the law and those who have the responsibility to uphold the law fail to do so.

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