Pretend Republican: Jesse Smart

By:  Diane Benjamin

Local elections pretend to be non-partisan.  I remember Renner claiming that everybody wants to make Bloomington the best it can be (or something to that effect).  The problem is that his ilk think government, more taxes, and more spending will make Bloomington great.  Most citizens believe IT’S THEIR MONEY and they make Bloomington great.

Well, good ol former mayor and self labeled Republican Jesse Smart is backing Tari Renner for mayor.  That tells me ol Jess as either lost it or he was never a Republican.  Which is it Jess?

As I was leaving the last hearing yesterday, Smart was sitting almost in the doorway and he decided to attack me verbally.  (Big mistake, but I digress)

With a smirk on his face and I believe a finger pointed at me he declared “You know they don’t have to listen to you since you don’t live in Bloomington”.

It crossed my mind to let the old geezer say whatever he wants, but I didn’t.  He continued to demand to know who was paying the Watchdogs and to declare nobody had to listen to them either.  I guess that means if I witness a crime in Bloomington I shouldn’t get involved!

He barely got a word in for the next several minutes as I explain they were present on Monday and I’ve been present too because crimes are being committed. Yes, violating the Open Meetings Act is a crime.  Ole Jess did manage to say it’s not their responsibility, I asked him if they hadn’t come who exactly would have stopped the illegal meeting?  Obviously not Jesse!  I told him that Kirk had warned the commission BEFORE the meeting started that it was an illegal meeting – but they proceeded anyway.  That one wiped whatever small smirk remained off his face.

I asked him if laws matter, and if they don’t, let’s all start speeding down Main Street.  Laws don’t just apply to citizens, they apply to government too.

Sheepishly he asked why I wanted Renner off the ballot.  Obviously facts aren’t part of his lexicon since I have clearly stated I’m not involved with the challenges.  Kevin Gerrard and Bruce Meeks and whoever is helping them are on their own.  My only interest was stopping the illegal meetings and proceedings.  I’m losing track, but I think I’m up to 4 or 5 Open Meetings Act violations, the latest being yesterday when a public comment policy was approved without being on the agenda.  Public comment is REQUIRED at all public meetings, it can not be considered part of the rules for hearing the challenges.

Jesse:  I couldn’t remember the name of the group that just gave the Watchdogs a NATIONAL award.  Here’s the story:

The geezer also claimed the person sitting next to Judy Stearns on the Council frequently saw me texting Judy during meetings.  He must be referring to socialist Joni Painter (she attended a fundraiser in Chicago for self-proclaimed socialist Jan Schakowsky-see here: Proof ).  Painter is either blind or lying – it didn’t happen.  Judy actually prepared for meetings and thought for herself.  She didn’t need anything from me!

Suddenly Smart slithered away to parts unknown.

Benjamin 1  Smart o

I am not going to be able to attended the hearing on Tuesday and Wednesday, I finally got time to check my calendar after this crazy week and I’m booked!

The meetings need to be video taped, otherwise no proof of what happened exists.  I hope somebody else has time to document the proceedings!  I don’t.



20 thoughts on “Pretend Republican: Jesse Smart

  1. Diane
    I agree with you on the OMA violations.. sometimes mistakes are made. When they are pointed out, it it the responsibility of the offending group to correct the mistake.
    I wish you could ease up on the name calling..
    This is Clueless Jim.

      1. I know that is a load of bull. Because had someone called Judy Stearns or Kevin Lower names, or Tari Renner decided to go full maniac on you again, you wouldn’t rationalize it as benign commentary. Your credibility suffers when you lower yourself to Jesse Smart’s level. It suffers even more when you demand civility from someone but do not reciprocate.

        1. Old geezer is name calling? Have you seen him lately?

          Here’s the bottom line: In my OPINION, nothing is more appalling than a Republican who is elected because of what the Republican party stands for – and then acting like a Democrat. We deserve clear choice between the parties. If America votes to go socialist that’s one thing. When they vote for limited government and get socialist they are betrayed.

          Where do you think Trump came from? People are sick of being betrayed!

  2. I remember when Decossas was running for mayor and Jesse took him under his wing but wouldn’t endorse him. Duh. Jesse is part of the good old boy network that is still the same good old boy network that Renner said will not be allowed on Renner’s watch.

    1. That good ‘ol boy network that Jesse Smart belongs to, along with Renner, and most every other east side elite member in this community, is alive and working overtime on Renner’s watch.
      What’s more interesting is the fact that inside sources – including Smart – tell that Mayoral Candidate Lower is a regular visitor with Smart and espouses many of Smart’s ideology, ideas and instruction.
      Would make me nervous as a Lower supporter/voter.
      Is Lower just a Jesse Smart clone?
      His recent actions on Council would appear questionable if you were a conservative.

  3. By golly, I sure wish Jesse would of asked me in person as we were standing in the the lobby area on the BEC before the hearing that never happened. He tried to stare me down for at least 5 minutes. It’s hysterical that they group us all together and don’t get the fact I filed this Objection on my own bailiwick after seeing some problems on the Petitions. Several of those problem catagories turned out to be no problem at all, but then I along with the help of two other people checked each signature ( excluding about a dozen) and each registration card and we discovered problems. Hence the filing of my Ojection and Diane’s reporting. I have refused interviews with all the local press for obvious reasons.

  4. Former Mayor Jesse not so Smart is the same clown who had Bloomington police work more hours and conduct more patrols in fear of white people burning down black churches in Bloomington during the 1990s. He must think badly of our community. This was in response to the Fake News at the time falsely reporting a rise of church burnings on the south. It was all a lie.

  5. If a candidate doesn’t want to be challenged, they better make sure their petition is in order according to the law. Other candidates took the time to review and edit their petitions according to procedure. Not Renner!

  6. Jesse Smart was a bumbler! He was a poor excuse for a mayor, and even poorer person for ALL the OTHER crap he’s pulled over the years. I’d respect him a LOT more in a orange jumpsuit and behind bars. He WAS Snyders puppet!

  7. Diane, Thank you. I was going to see about going to the meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday to record, and I went to the BEC website. The meetings are not posted. Is that a problem? Shouldn’t they be posted? Do they fall under the open meetings act. 48 hours would have meant posting on Friday right? How can I find out when, where, what time, etc. these meetings are?

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