Pretend Republican: Jesse Smart

By:  Diane Benjamin Local elections pretend to be non-partisan.  I remember Renner claiming that everybody wants to make Bloomington the best it can be (or something to that effect).  The problem is that his ilk think government, more taxes, and more spending will make Bloomington great.  Most citizens believe IT’S THEIR MONEY and they make […]

Pantagraph fails at truth again

By:  Diane Benjamin The daily rag has a new story about pension spiking at the City of Bloomington.  In an effort to deflect from the City’s unethical practice of allowing employees to spike their pensions with unused sick days, they even call the practice legal. It is legal because Bloomington’s Mayor, City Manager, and Council […]

Jesse Smart votes to continue Illinois’s demise

by:  Diane Benjamin For months citizens have been collecting signatures for a referendum on the November ballot for fair maps.  Democrats  gerrymandered the state in 2010 not only to make sure they were the permanent majority, but it also insures the many of the elected have huge winding districts making it impossible to adequately represent […]