Jesse Smart votes to continue Illinois’s demise

by:  Diane Benjamin

For months citizens have been collecting signatures for a referendum on the November ballot for fair maps.  Democrats  gerrymandered the state in 2010 not only to make sure they were the permanent majority, but it also insures the many of the elected have huge winding districts making it impossible to adequately represent the citizens in the district.  Democrats want to keep the gerrymandering, evidently so-called Republicans do too.

Former Bloomington Mayor Jesse Smart is the Chairman of the Board of Elections.  Since the Democrats have super majorities in Springfield, how is Republican Smart the Chair?

Today the Chicago Tribune has an editorial stating the Fair Maps group now has one week to verify signatures.,0,6500645.story

Jesse Smart is supporting the 1 week deadline.  I’m on the Fair Maps email list and I collected many signatures.  According to Smart, they will never have enough signatures even though they submitted close to 210,000 more than was needed.  The State Board of Elections sampled 25,000 and determined half weren’t valid.  Meanwhile, Fair Maps has reported they threw out signatures of GOP leadership!

The citizens of Illinois deserve to be heard.  Over a half a million signatures were collected.  Proof exists that valid signatures were thrown out.  Jesse Smart is showing is true colors by attempting to shut down getting the referendum on the ballot.  He needs to explain why, what he has said so far is nonsense.

Mike Madigan DOESN’T want this referendum on the ballot.  Jesse:  Do you work for him now?  





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