More media fail – WJBC

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday a hearing was held on Kevin Gerrard’s challenge to Tari Renner’s petitions.  WJBC has a report on their website:  HERE

As usual, they left out some facts.  The email below was sent to the writer last night by Kevin Gerrard:


It always amazes me that you and other reporters at your station fail to report all of the facts.

How convenient of you to avoid pointing out that one of the people who Renner brought forth to verify his signature, admitted under questioning by me, that he had signed his wife’s name to the petition. This is prohibited by law, and it was noted into the official record. I also advised the BEC  that  we had discovered a number of similar  situations like this during our audit. Omitting facts in your stories to support Mr Renner is just as bad as reporting facts incorrectly.

 Diane, please do a piece and correct the record as WJBC can’t be counted on to be fair. Their article is on their website.


Back before the media got away with fake news.

Not anymore!

Note:  I corrected one word in this email – Kevin was a victim of auto-correct.  It doesn’t change the meaning or intent of the email.




6 thoughts on “More media fail – WJBC

  1. At least the Pantagraph added this to the end of their story: “During questioning of one of the signers, Arthur Haynes acknowledged that he had signed the name of his wife, with her permission, on the petition. Her name remains among those Gerrard is challenging.”

    I wonder if that was only added after checking your site. Too bad it was posted at the end of the article where it is least-likely to be read.

  2. I grew up around him and knew his son and daughter. He was crazy then too, very strange and yelled a lot.

  3. Haynes can’t give his wife permission to sign her name even if she was was at the hearing to verify that fact which she wasn’t. Also, Haynes testified he printed the names even though he uses cursive more than 50% of the time when signing his name. He denied signing another name on the same page that looked very similar to his printing.

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