Why Bloomington needs more money:

By: Diane Benjamin

Source: Illinois Comptroller

as of 4/30/2022      as of 4/30/2021 as of 4/30/2020

This is the information the CITY of BLOOMINGTON reported to the Illinois Comptroller.

Population decreased by 1,548 in 2022, 2021 was just speculation. Note 2022 is even down from 2020.

Assessed values increased by almost $4 million in 2022

Full time employees increased by 1 after increasing by 8.

Part time employees increased 63 in 2022.

Salaries increased of EIGHT MILLION in 2022!


When government keeps growing while population decreases, of course more money is needed.

Last I heard good candidates are still needed in Wards 1 and 4. Grant Walsh isn’t running. When good people don’t run you don’t get good people to vote for.



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  1. Can’t be true. I thought everyone was moving to BN to work at Rivian? There’s a housing shortage don’t ya know because of it.

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