Bloomington raised your property taxes last night

By: Diane Benjamin

I looked at the City website last night and no agenda was posted for the “special meeting”. It did announce the Committee of the Whole meeting was cancelled. No wonder nobody showed up for Public Comment! The “Special Meeting” agenda is posted now. Meetings that just happened are erased only to reappear later. (Their old system was MUCH better)

This is a meeting citizens need to watch. Start at 3:35, the vote is displayed at 50:11.

Things to note:

The Equalized Assessed Value of properties is up 6.86%.

Since Julie Emig is still out sick her ward wasn’t represented.

The library didn’t take out their construction bond before interest rates increased, so now citizens have to fund the higher debt payments.

City of Bloomington needs more money to fund pensions.

The massive reserves can’t be used to fund pensions because that would set a bad precedent. 🤐

Although the City tax rate would decrease slightly your property taxes will increase because of increased assessed value.

Your library taxes will also increase.

The slides presented refer to the TAX RATE over and over. The City doesn’t set the tax rate, they only set the levy. To deflect from the increases they want you to think the rate is going down.

You Will Pay More!

So much for affordable housing! Property taxes affect renters too.

Three aldermen voted against the increase: Montney, Becker, and Walsh. All three had clear reasons for not raising property taxes when citizens are already strained by inflation. The City revenues are up $4 million from the internet sales tax and cannabis taxes. That money has already been allocated in the budget, so it can’t be used.

Government thinks you are their piggy bank.

Pensions will never be reformed in Illinois. Those who won’t get 80% of their salary when they retire will pay for those who do. Gee, nobody in government understands why people move to states with equitable taxes. Many government retirees do though.





7 thoughts on “Bloomington raised your property taxes last night

  1. So Bloomington just voted to take away the social security increase from seniors in our community in the form of property tax increases. That’s not a winning strategy for re election

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  2. Notification is sent to each property owner from the assessors office which shows the taxing rates from each entity.
    The County and Township determine the area’s total EAV. The total EVA has increased due to properties where new development has occurred. The levy is the amount of money a taxing body certifies to be raised from property taxes based on the EAV. The EAV on my property has not increased and my property taxes have not increased, except due to Unit 5. This coming year, the Library tax increase, based on the Council’s majority vote to increase that rate to cover bond payments for the library expansion last year, will be reflected on the next property tax bill. This years levy vote will be seen on following year’s bill.
    Property tax increases can be challenged through the assessors office, especially if there have been no improvements made.


    1. Bloomington’s EAV did not increase that much do to new development. Maybe 100 out of 10s of thousands of parcels. My person property value is up. Neighbors are all up. No development around us. Quit with the false statements that it is because of growth.


    2. Looking into data from the assessors office for various addresses in the city, most have increased 9.0 or 9.24% for the base to be used for for 2023 tax bills. The increases for the council members who voted “yes” are : Jeff Crabill 9.24%, Mollie Ward 9.24%, De Urban 5.5%, Tom Crumpler 7.9%, and Donna Bolean 9.1%. Because of the Property Tax Extention Limit Law, it appears the city council broke the law by approving this levy. From the IL Revenue website
      “The limitation slows the growth of property tax revenues to taxing districts when property values and assessment are increasing faster than the rate of inflation. As a whole, property owners have some protection from tax bills that increase only because the market value of their property is rising rapidly. Increases in property tax extensions are limited to the lesser of 5% or the increase of CPI for the year preceding the levy year. The limit for a taxing district can be increased with voter approval”. I am unaware of any referendum that raised this limit.


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