The Iron Fist of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Changes to the sign code took close to an hour to discuss last night. Keep in mind the Town claimed their ordinance needed changed because of a Supreme Court ruling. That ruling happened in 2015.

The changes passed last night treat real estate signs differently than every other sign. That implies the Town is still in violation of the Supreme Court ruling which stated signs can’t be regulated based on content.

Permits for signs no longer exist. A limit on the number of days a sign can be displayed on commercial property still exists – 84 days.

Below is Greg Troemel, the guy who runs the enforcement of signs. He states they have never issued a ticket or prosecuted anyone for an illegal sign. They knock on the door in response to complaints or they collect illegally placed signs.

Next, just hit play. Nobody complained at the Planning Commission meetings about signs. Mayor Koos said people have complained (anecdotally) to him but he refused to name names.

At one point Stan Nord made a motion to delay implementation of the ordinance until after the April election so it doesn’t appear the Town is trying to regulate campaign signs, of course it failed.

It looks more like staff is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. If attempting to explain the code changes takes close to an hour the code is oppressive instead of constructive.

If enforcement of the sign code suddenly becomes an issue it will be obvious why the code was changed.





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