Yes, they lied

By:  Diane Benjamin

First the news:  Pepsi is not paying the Ice Center anymore for naming rights ($50,000 a year), the Coliseum is no longer receiving $125,000 from Pepsi as a sponsor there!  Both deals expired 3/31/2016.  I bet you didn’t know that!  total lost:  $175,000

Nothing is clearer than the lies told by Arena supporters in order to get it built.  I’m still reading old media reports of who said what.  They are all available at the library if you are interested.

The real lesson is:  Don’t believe a word that is uttered by any government official or supporter!

The below is a door hanger by the Arena supporters for the referendum where 66% said NO:

That little unreadable read spot in the lower right corner says “Trades Council”.  Of course they supported it, getting government to fund your job is security!  Of course, when that job is done you need government to fund another one for you.


Attn:  City Council

The $77 million joke (cost plus estimated interest) was built to stabilize downtown.  It did not.  Nothing you do will be successful either.


The referendum took place on March 16, 2004.  See this article from April 28, 2004:

It’s not costing you a penny! Ha ha

Who has Community Pride because it got built?



6 thoughts on “Yes, they lied

    1. Using the same lies over and over is a big part of the progressive-socialist play book, it always has been, they simply tweak the lies a bit to change them for whatever they are touting and to what audience they are playing for. They count on the lies and the “tricks” being just different enough that enough people don’t catch on soon enough to stop them. It’s easy to rob an entire village if everyone is sound asleep, as long as you don’t make very much noise. This is why a village came to need night watchmen and dogs – BloNo needs more dogs and more “night watchmen” since so many of the villagers are sound asleep. Thank you Diane, and some others for being good night watchpersons (don’t want to be politically incorrect and say men…)

      1. Renner’s campaign jingle should be, “Deceive to achieve, la de da, la de dal, deceive to achieve, la de da, i’m so smart, deceive to achieve, vote for me and all my dreams will come true. Karl Marx and George Goebbels would be proud, deceive to achieve!” Rah, rah, rah!

  1. “It’s JUST like YOUR budget at home” There’s NEVER enough, so WE THE PEOPLE do without! Not raise fees Mr Hamilton.

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