Does Unit 5’s Ethics Ordinance matter?

By: Diane Benjamin

Not to one employee who while at events the last two nights, being compensated as part of his job, campaigned FOR the referendum. I’ve got video. What is Unit 5 going to do to Corey Beirne for violations? Does Unit 5 have ethics?

20 thoughts on “Does Unit 5’s Ethics Ordinance matter?

  1. Corey Beirne occasionally posts on the neighborhood app Nextdoor.
    He has been campaigning for the referendum there too.

    A couple of his comments on that site to the folks that pay his salary. (Taxpayers)
    “ full of crap and not based in reality”
    “…I feel amused by so many stupid takes.”

    Not only does he teach grade schooler but he’s also on Unit 5’s Equity Leadership Team.
    Is Unit 5 Ethical? Nope, not with people like Beirne out front.

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  2. If you have video of something innappropriate….. you should share it. No offense, I’d like to make my form my own opinion.


  3. Are there any records showing this was compensated time? If not, the ordinance you posted excludes “personal time” and the teacher’s contract puts evening hours outside of that compensated time. If Berne is doing anything during his contracted school day or compensated hours, there is an issue.

    I may not like Corey Beirne’s political views, but I’m not going to prohibit him from doing something he is legally able to do.


      1. The district has all people sharing what can be/will be cut. It’s factual information. Unless the video says to support the referendum, it’s not an ethics violation.

        One thing: I know some music programs cut their concerts, so the teachers had to volunteer to put them on. My grandson’s music teacher put in her own time to do theirs.


    1. Agree with JT. Thats why I want to see it. There is a big difference between saying:

      “Vote for the Referendum”


      “This program is scheduled to be cut due to the budget deficit.”

      The first is promoting it and the second is just a statement of fact and is okay to say.

      Would appreciate a share of the video…


      1. He was pushing the referendum. It ruined the experience. Bringing politics to a very innocent and beautiful event was and is shameful. Knowing that it was not just a “oh by the way” makes it even worse as he repeated the remarks from a written and prepared statement. The first night he even answered questions from an audience me ever with the poor kids standing on stage as props.

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        1. Should be noted that since he’s the grade school music teacher there are other conflicts of personal interest in his speeches. (Lobbying)


            1. Thats why Id really like to see the video. Cities didnt share it too.

              Legal for him to say: If this doeant pass my position goes and grade 5 music gets cut.

              Shouldnt say: So- please vote yes on the April 8 tax hike.

              Fact no one putting out the video seems off. No way to know what happened without it. No offense, Chad. Just like seeing things 1sthand.

              Seems you cant trust anything theae days!


              1. Considering Cities 92.9 has this posted as “alleged electioneering” and has not posted video to corroborate, I can only take their article as a grain of salt. Diane and I don’t see eye-to eye on every issue, but I respect her investigative journalism. How folks like RC McBride and his crony, Ryan Denham, treat her is wrong,
                Since Steve Seuss left Cities, I have no confidence in their local staff.

                If Cities 92.9 has the actual video, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have posted it or the story would have called out actual electioneering.

                If Beirne did violate a rule, much like Diane can determine what she does on her site, the administration and current board – seemingly overwhelmingly for the referendum – can determine what happens. As we have all learned, elections have consequences. Thus, perhaps a slap on the wrist conversation occurs.

                My daughter is a teacher. I saw the document she received. I would venture the UFEA union can distribute to its own members, just like a first responders union could.


                  1. -Definitely prefer Cities to all the other garbage in town, but if they posted that article without having seen the video that is really bad. Last thing we need is to give those on the left ammunition because of shoddy journalism.

                    -Also- reason I care so much is that I spent 23 years in a Police Union. We would frequently put Union-related info into employee mailboxes. Just have to make sure you don’t use employer paper/ink for the copies you made. If distributed by Union- it’s totally above board. I’m sure local Police/Fire do the same.

                    – Really interested in seeing the video now. If you could share, that would be great. If they truly are electioneering, the public needs to know.


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