I’m not done with 4H!

By: Diane Benjamin

I heard from A LOT of people after this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/08/24/fly-on-the-wa

One thing everyone agrees on is Executive Director Bobbie Lewis Sibley needs to resign. Turnover in her office is huge which means she isn’t capable of being a manager.

Copyright issues also need to be clarified. All 4H clubs receive a Fair Book that outlines the rules for submitting entries. It does say no projects can include copyrighted materials:

Again, go back to the Executive Director. Training for people who judged projects must be non-existent since around 15 projects were re-judged by Sibley and blue ribbons taken away from kids because they included what she considered copyrighted materials.

Clearly communication and training are a huge problem in 4H under Executive Director Bobbie Sibley. Kids participating in 4H activities didn’t realize they couldn’t use the 4H clover in their projects, they were likely proud of their group and wanted to show it. Everything was badly handled and only the Executive Director can be blamed.

I’m not done with 4H. Stay tuned.

One more note: There are many passionate 4H leaders and volunteers who deserve better.






12 thoughts on “I’m not done with 4H!

  1. Honestly I don’t know how these people get these high positions. Who you know it family maybe or what university you went to.

    The issues with judging and This org are far reaching for years but this one takes the cake.

    Everyone wants to be a rule and communication guru. Perhaps Bobby should be a Fact Checker instead. Lol

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  2. The language of the rules says “when an author, musician, designer, or artist creates something it is immediately protected by copyright or trademark laws…”.

    I am under the impression that you have to register it to be protected. Immediately seems like the wrong word here.

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    1. From copyright.gov FAQ’s:
      Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
      No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration.”

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  3. If I’m understanding correctly, a 10-year-old 4H member put a 4H clover emblem on a project sponsored/exhibited by 4H? Wow, that’s some real exposure to copyright/trademark infringement litigation! And neither the members — NOR THE JUDGES — were explicitly directed that the 4H emblem (of all things!) was taboo? This Bobby person is hereby nominated for “insufferable hall monitor jerk” of the year award. She damaged the 4H reputation and brand considerably with her negligence and mishandling of the whole situation and should be removed.

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    1. “She damaged the 4H reputation and brand considerably with her negligence and mishandling of the whole situation…” THIS was probably the objective.

      “and should be removed.” She most certainly should be removed. Hopefully the parents get right on that!

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  4. The parents have tried and still cannot get her removed!!! Then she was installed in this position to specifically ruin 4H. What other conclusion could be drawn? Because she sure isn’t there to advance 4H. Yet another uniquely American Cultural experience that they have their sights set on. “The Long March through the institutions.” Communism.

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  5. The 4-H name and emblem are protected by Congress in Code 18 USC 707. Maybe if you do some actual research before you rant…..So no the kid couldn’t use the 4-H emblem on cookies. And yes it was a trademark infringement…


    1. @ J Dawson.. c’mon..its like someone wearing a shirt to the VFW picnic, with the VFW logo on it. How did the person wearing or using the logo of a function of the entity the logo represents infringe on anything? Except for whacko judges in the 9th Circuit, everyone of them would throw this out of court. There is no infringement.

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