Update: Fly on the Wall: 4H

I just received a phone call telling me this happened to more than one 4H kid.

There is nothing in the book of rules that says the 4H Clover can not be used because it’s trademarked – that is the excuse Bobbie Lewis-Sibley used to CHANGE A’s to a P for participation. She actually CROSSED out the A’s before writing P on the scoring, or course the blue ribbons were taken away.

All of these entries went through check-in with no problem. Bobbie should immediately resign! These kids worked hard on their projects and she decimated them because (in the words of the caller) she’s a witch.

Don’t bother to call the University of Illinois, they don’t care.

A 10 year old 4H exhibitor had their award taken back because they made a cookie using the 4H clover emblem without permission.

A volunteer judge gave this child a top award. The director took it away. The child was given free ride tickets to not make a stink.

Really Executive Director Bobbie Lewis-Sibley?

8 thoughts on “Update: Fly on the Wall: 4H

  1. typical democrat response give them something for free (ride tickets) and hope that they will go away. come on this is just a little girl who made an honest mistake but had the best tasting cookies.

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