More on Unit 5 and Pronouns

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

This happened in Florida, think it can’t happen here? Christopher Rufo formerly leaned left – until he realized far left policies don’t work.

This comment was made to the story yesterday:

In my son’s Sociology class at Heartland the teacher had them wear wristbands that identify their pronouns. Our whole culture has bowed the knee to this nonsense.

I heard from one Unit 5 teacher about yesterday’s story. I’m not going to print the email because the teacher might be identifiable from it.

Revised excepts:

I have them fill out a survey with relevant info, and then we do a get to know you activity where I can learn about their interests and figure out why they are taking the course.  By the time that all happens, it’s pretty much time to go. 

Syllabus, rules, and content fires up on day two. 

We were not told to cover any particular topics, so if teachers were discussing pronouns and such, it was of their own accord. 

In full disclosure, my survey gives kids the chance to tell me how they want to be addressed, but those results aren’t openly discussed beyond me honoring their requests.  I did have a couple of students this year that pulled me aside privately and made requests, but it wasn’t a classroom discussion. 

I also didn’t hear any students talking about anything either. 

Hope this helps. 

It sounds like woke teachers could have easily used surveys to discuss pronouns with their classes.

Enough seats on both Unit 5 and District 87 are up for election early next year to do the same thing that happened in Florida yesterday – of course more than 10-15% of people have to vote!

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9 thoughts on “More on Unit 5 and Pronouns

  1. All of this while over half of Unit 5’s 8th grade white population, almost 80% of the black population and 85% of the Hispanic population are not ready to go on to 9th grade math.

    40% of the white population, 70% of the black and Hispanic populations are not ready for 9th grade English classes.

    (From the State’s on line schools report card IAR testing for the 2020-21 year.)

    Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) is a federally required measure of students’ mastery of the Illinois Learning Standards in English language arts (ELA) and math in Grades 3 through 8 and their readiness for what’s next. IAR results are also used to measure student growth for school and district accountability.

    What kind of growth? Is it student Social/Emotional growth?
    What kind of accountability? Is it district Equity accountability?

  2. What I am seeing is that many of our schools, particularly in Unit 5 are filled with really good teachers who are not part of this nonsense. They teach our kids and do a very good job of it. But, there’s a generation of really good teachers who are retiring, and many of them are retiring early due to having to deal with a Woke school administration. They’re being replaced by a younger generation that have been indoctrinated in all this. I heard from an elementary education major and ISU who is facing this everyday and in every square inch of the curriculum. She’s not swallowing it whole, but many of her classmates are and they’re showing up in our classrooms.

  3. If you choose to believe the attacks on RUFO I don’t care. You will not post them here however. The VIDEO wasn’t written by Rufo, nothing you said applies! Yes I deleted your rant.

    1. A Phillips – Did Rufo stage the video? Or do you just deny that what this father said isn’t important?

  4. This shows that Unit5 needs LESS money, not more! They apparently have excess resources to waste teaching our kids bad grammar and narcissism. From there they can either waste More resources to ‘make it better’, which they don’t really need, or they’re Not ‘making it better’, in which case they should not be rewarded for at best confusing and annoying our children, or at worst actually harming them.
    Vote NO in November, then vote NEW in April.

  5. Yes Karl, since public schools are almost monopolies and therefore don’t have to offer a quality education, and apparently have no intention of offering quality, voting no on the tax referendum is the only way we have of holding their feet to the fire.

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