Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

Did Normal West High School really spend the entire first day of school in EVERY class reviewing pronouns?

Maybe rename the school to Normal Woke West. No education, no syllabus review, just propaganda.

Unit 5 need more money however.

19 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

  1. Wow .. I hope they have plenty of teachers and fewer indoctrinates for the crt and super sex ed bs , back in the day most folk would call this crap what it is ,, a liberal load of self endulgence and getting comfortly numb .. another brick in the wall .

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  2. Hi Diane;
    I was born and raised here in Bloomington. I am almost 79 years old. NEVER did I ever think that our city fathers nor our schools would ever be so STUPID! I guess we are just an extension of California!

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      1. Yep – maybe someday before it’s really too late, more might understand how important local politics really is. I hope it’s already too late.

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    1. More like an extension of Chicago and their woke suburbs. But just keep on voting in those lovely Democrats and now and then one of their establishment GOP counterparts, don’t even CONSIDER anyone who is out of that “loop” and continue letting your masters and overlords direct your vote, of course if they don’t like the outcome they’ll just rustle up some “mail-ins” or “find” a box of “early voting ballots” to shore up their totals.

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  3. This is shameful. I hope more parents pull their children out of school and homeschool them, or send them to private school. Subjecting children to this material is child abuse. They are being forced to listen to this garbage. I don’t know what it’s going to take to shake these parents and wake them up. I hope they do before it’s too late.

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  4. In my son’s Sociology class at Heartland the teacher has them wear wristbands that identify with their pronouns. Our whole culture has bowed the knee to this nonsense.

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  5. Diane is there confirmation that this happened? I would hope parents would broadcast this. Was it just one teacher, all teachers, certain classes? I’m just curious and I want to have my facts straight. Voting “NO” on giving Unit 5 my money. I send my children to private school where they focus on providing an excellent education . I am tired of also paying for the kids in this community to be indoctrinated and taught what to think instead of how to think for themselves in our public schools.

    I also was told by a parent who has children attending Olympia school that they are pulling there children out do to the furries and to the debate (unbelievable) over having litter boxes. This parent has had it.. Now they are going to send their child to private school.

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  6. I am a parent of a child at Unit 5. I cannot afford private school and have to work to pay the bills so home school is not an option. One of my kids friends called their teacher out for forcing illegal Covid policies. That teacher changed and treated them completely different after that. Other woke teachers made and still make the occasional comment to ensure this kid knows not to dare question wokeness in their class.

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  7. I have two kids at west. The freshman said it was addressed in two classes one of which was health. The junior said it wasn’t discussed. The junior is in mainly AP/dual credit courses.


  8. I’m genuinely curious…how is someone sharing their pronouns or a teaching discussing it impact your ability to thrive and/or your life at all?

    If you don’t want to participate, then don’t participate. I guess I’m not seeing how this is so offensive and hurtful or causes anyone a major hardship?


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