Year End: Connect Transit

By: Diane Benjamin

See what CT spent on solar panels in June: $654,088.77

Year end numbers for 6/30/2022:

Look at the amount of local dollars you are forced to pay for the privilege of having empty buses wreck the roads. $760,000 + $423,333 = $1,183,333. All of those other numbers are taxes too.

Those numbers do not include money both Bloomington and Normal contributed for Capital spending and ARP funds. I don’t see those detailed in the report.

PDF page 15:

PDF page 33: Board meetings will be Live Streamed and posted to YouTube.

PDF page 43: Starting a new route to Rivian is expected to cost $774,251 for FY23. Fare will be free the first month to encourage people to try it.

PDF page 8: The page is labeled July, but it’s actually June. Ridership was down 4.29% from May.

PDF page 12: Ridership in July was down 2.39% from June.

Read PDF page 14 and following and to see why everything but the bus is costing you more. (Government spending)





One thought on “Year End: Connect Transit

  1. The repeated confiscation of tax payer dollar continues, by design, in order to, “collapse the system.” The Cloward-Piven ideology: Top down, bottom up, inside out.” How long can they blow up the balloon before it bursts?

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