Ride the bus for free in September

By: Diane Benjamin

This was posted to the Bloomington Public Library Facebook page. Connect Transit wouldn’t exist without massive amounts of tax dollars, now they will sacrifice a few bucks to try to get riders. All you need is a library card. Expect to see full buses everywhere! 😎

6 thoughts on “Ride the bus for free in September

  1. I heard from a “fly on the wall” that the December “ride promotion” is going to be “Ride the bus for free and get a 10 dollar bill”. So I will be freeing up some days to do a lot of bus riding in December. This will really help with buying Christmas presents. Thanks, Transit Disconnect!


  2. “It’s Free,” but it’s not really. The money comes out of the pocket of every tax paying citizen. So, for those who will be, “riding for free,” be sure to say , ‘Thank You,’ to the Tax Payers who pay for this ridiculous and wasteful money-pit called Connect Transit.

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  3. The bus does not stop at the Bloomington library. This is just a gimmick to artificially increase ridership numbers which they will then use to mislead the public on their “success.”

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  4. There are several businesses out on Wylie drive that people take the bus to that are lower paying jobs, including AFNI and a computer business in the old outlet mall. The bus is going to stop going there so it can go to Rivian…how many people working at Rivian are actually going to take the bus and why can’t they do both instead of making current riders walk 1-2 miles. The busses are not for the community, they are for the politicians.

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