Laws matter in Indiana, not in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin A deputy Town Marshall was arrested in Carthage Indiana for:   *  criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon   *  felony impersonation of a public servant   *  official misconduct of a public servant   *  and pointing a firearm at another Why was he arrested? See the story here: […]

Congrats Mackinaw!

By:  Diane Benjamin Most of the story of fake police officer Robert Davies: The Tazewell County State’s Attorney, Stewart J. Umholtz, is evidently not going to prosecute Davies for impersonating a police officer for many years.  We are in Illinois after all, laws for government employees don’t really matter.  State’s […]

The latest in “Laws Don’t Matter”

By:  Diane Benjamin On May 1, 2018, the Village of Mackinaw held a retirement party for their fake cop. Robert Davies collected a police officer salary and now a police officer pension without being qualified to be a police officer in the State of Illinois. It looks like the State’s Attorney for Tazewell County is […]

Update: Mackinaw: More problems

According to the agenda for the April 9th Mackinaw Board meeting, Robert Davies resigned.  That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be prosecuted or forced to repay the salary he received as a police officer.  I wonder if he will get a pension too. ____________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin The Village of Mackinaw has a huge problem.  […]

Where is the Prosecutor?

By:  Diane Benjamin The biggest problem I see in Illinois is prosecutors unwilling to hold government officials accountable.  State’s Attorneys across the state refuse to do their job.  Equal justice under the law doesn’t exist.  I don’t know if its lack of staff or just being afraid to upset the status quo. Here’s the latest […]