Update: Mackinaw: More problems

According to the agenda for the April 9th Mackinaw Board meeting, Robert Davies resigned.  That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be prosecuted or forced to repay the salary he received as a police officer.  I wonder if he will get a pension too.   http://www.mackinawillinois.org/AGENDA%204-9-18.pdf

davies resigns


By:  Diane Benjamin

The Village of Mackinaw has a huge problem.  Robert Davies pretended to be a police officer for decades and the former police chief Gary Hartzell apparently falsified reports to the State on being certified to carry a gun.  See this story:  https://blnnews.com/2018/03/24/where-is-the-prosecutor/

What about the people Robert Davies interacted with?  He did not have the authority to act as a police officer!

I filed this FOIA request based on information I received.  Apparently Robert Davies participated in the interrogation of these three individuals at the Tazewell County jail.

My request was denied in full.

The denial did not say the video does not exist:

It was denied because at least two of the three are still being prosecuted.

One may have already taken a plea bargain.

Over the weekend I emailed the lawyers for the other two, I have not received a response from either.

Any interaction between these defendants and Robert Davies should not be allowed to be used for prosecution.

The Tazewell County State’s Attorney knows about Robert Davies.  The Defense Attorneys know too.  The Illinois State Police know too, but they can’t investigate further if they know the State’s Attorney won’t prosecute.

Do laws matter?

It’s hard to say they do.  If you know these defendants, please let them know the facts.

The citizens of Mackinaw should demand their money back not only for Davies salary as a police officer, but for every ticket he ever issued.






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