Congrats Mackinaw!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Most of the story of fake police officer Robert Davies:

The Tazewell County State’s Attorney,

Stewart J. Umholtz,

is evidently not going to prosecute Davies for impersonating a police officer for many years.  We are in Illinois after all, laws for government employees don’t really matter.  State’s attorneys can’t make waves if their goal is to obtain a cushy judgeship.

I sent a Freedom of Information request to IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) to see if Davies will be collecting a pension.

He will.  The amount may adjusted when his final income from the village of Mackinaw is submitted.  Davies didn’t start participating in IMRF until 2009 or the benefit would be higher.

This is what I received:

The citizens of Mackinaw now get to fund his pension for life! It will increase 3% a year.

5 thoughts on “Congrats Mackinaw!

  1. Stunning. Davies impersonated a police officer and will face no consequences. What good is it to have a States Attorney?


  2. I didn’t realize that Police particulate in IMRF. I thought they had their own Police retirement which is tied to the State Constitution.
    Too confusing. Maybe on purpose.


  3. You can’t make this stuff up. He needs to be prosecuted and how can he get a pension from a fraudulent job. Lets get this on Fox. they should find this interesting.


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