LWV aren’t non-partisan!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local League of Women Voters in all for the “welcoming ordinance”.  Evidently they think local government can make immigration law.

Does the Constitution matter to the LWV?

You might not think so when you see the State League of Women Voters Website:    http://www.lwvil.org/gun-violence-prevention.html

Automatic guns have been banned since 1934 unless a special permit is obtained, very few are ever issued.

I wonder what they think an assault type weapon is?

Does the League understand the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT?  These non-partisans want to void your rights.

If they can’t take your gun they will make ammunition impossible to get!

That doesn’t sound very non-partisan!

Maybe the League should study Switzerland:    http://www.businessinsider.com/switzerland-gun-laws-rates-of-gun-deaths-2018-2#switzerland-is-a-bit-like-a-well-designed-fort-4

They have a LOT of guns and almost no murders.  They take training seriously.  My favorite line from the story:

Having an armed citizenry helped keep the Swiss neutral for more than 200 years.

Sounds just like Good Guys with Guns prevent bad guys with guns!

I wonder if the League members know the Florida shooter at the Pulse Nightclub really wanted to shoot up Disney – until he saw all the armed guards.

He went to the nightclub because nobody was going to shoot back, not because the patrons were gay:    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/pulse-nightclub-shooter-intended-attack-disney-world-prosecutors-say-n860786

The LWV doesn’t respect immigration laws or the 2nd Amendment.

Why does anyone care about other opinions they hold?







14 thoughts on “LWV aren’t non-partisan!

  1. I just heard on the radio that MCRPC is having citizen forum with a speaker from Kansas City who will talk about immigration. I didn’t get the details but it should be on their website.

    1. President Reagan stopped funding these regional planning centers when he was President. If they start pushing open borders maybe President Trump will do the same thing if it is brought to his attention.

  2. Hillary’s losers hard at work trying to destroy America!!! Seems like the perverted LWV are now just another Democrat/World Socialist mouthpiece who want to get rid of your CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT to defend yourself.

      1. They (the LWV) have been leaning hard to the left for a good while now, they have simply fallen all the way over the line.

  3. I’ve attended a LWV event. I try to read some of the Leftist Propaganda, but it’s actually pretty gross. The LWV believes that the government actually gives freedom. What they fail,time and again, to understand is the government is incapable of making a human being “more free”. The government only has the capacity to take rights away. A lot of these women are older than I am. Their failure to understand this at this point in their lives and their unabashed desire to shut down any woman who disagrees with the lies they prescribe to, must be abused and gaslighted to a point they no longer recognize the truth or the reality in which they live.

  4. Take a gun, ANY gun, set it on the table for 100 years. HOW many people will it kill? NONE. It NEEDS an “aggressor” on the trigger to function. So to the LWV, I ask this. HOW about banning ALL fat foods, because THEY kill you folks sitting around eating that stuff while you dream up this crap! And the gun will not. Just ANOTHER case of do goody-goody women who don’t have a life, but want to get into others!

  5. These folk could care less about a strong republic , freedom , law and order , justice or much of anything but fluffing their feathers and chitting on the constitution .We need the least amount of government , not more and .citizens need to be empowered to easy access to things like education , jobs , health , etc thru their own means , not spoon fed what those in gov. decides what best suits them .

  6. I was invited to a LWV meeting & when the speaker said she got her start by joining the league I decided to decline right there. The speaker was former mayor Judy Markowitz. They are the left.

  7. The League of Women Voters is just a bunch of old biddies with nothing better to do except to be in other people’s business.

  8. When a Nazi representative told the Swiss, ” we can have an army 10Xs the size of yours in a day” the swiss response was ” then we shall have to fire our weapons 10X’s. An old story, but an armed and trained citizenry is required for survival. i like this story.

  9. During the Normal mayoral debate the LWV set up they couldn’t even spell Marc Tiritilli’s name right! They originally had “Mark”, then crudely correct it to Marc.

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