BHS found the document!

By:  Diane Benjamin

BHS managed to find the document, yes it’s the same one I posted previously:    Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform

Keep in mind – the story used to be:


Will there be consequences for lying, or do laws not matter if you are government with an agenda?

This looks like a teachable moment.





5 thoughts on “BHS found the document!

  1. Noticed all these correspondences are cc’d to Barry Riley. Wonder if he’s getting some heat from readers of this site.


  2. Perhaps we need to contact the School Board…oh wait they are probably still all a flutter about how good Barry treated them at the conference. I wonder if he danced for them.


  3. WHO teaches math there? Maybe they should be held accountable for this “indiscretion”
    OH WAIT! These ARE the teachers. THEY of ALL people SHOULD know better….

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