The $120,000 waste

By: Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Police gun buyback event is 10/29. When the money runs out the event will end. From the Facebook page:

Gun Buyback Event

The Bloomington Police Department will be holding a Gun Buyback Event on Sunday, 10/29/23, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., or until funds run out. The buyback will be held at the Bloomington Fire Department Maintenance and Training Annex, located at 2602 Six Points Road. This event was made possible by grant funds awarded by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

$60,000 was allotted via a grant from the State of Illinois. Remember the gun safes that weren’t made for guns? That was another $60,000. Grant recipients never acknowledge grants are still tax dollars.

Everyone except the Democrats in Illinois know the only way to reduce violent crime is to lock up the people who commit it. They passed the Safe-T Act.

The Council document:

4 thoughts on “The $120,000 waste

  1. Another heavily funded ESG project put on their Checklist and self leadership and Dem promotion propaganda marketing push (them-and their public-private shady partners) $$

    “saving suicides, public safety and lives “

    lies (state wide)

  2. Is there a paper trail of serial numbers and model of the firearms?
    Seems to me that the guns can and will be earmarked for special people to pick and choose. Does the Illinois State Police track where these guns go? Are they actually destroyed or reassigned a new owner? Is there an open record of the actual destruction?

  3. Now is not the time for legal gun owners to surrender their weapons. Hope the response is minimal. BPD leadership is a joke by pandering to those that still don’t get that illegal guns are the issue.

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