Gun Violence Awareness Day: Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

At every City Council meeting Mayor Renner reads at least one Proclamation, of course signed by him.

Last night it was Gun Violence Awareness Day.

See the proclamation here – PDF Page 13

The numbers used weren’t hard to find a source for:

This groups tax return shows they advocate for new gun laws.  They are also behind the “Wear Orange” day.  See their 2015 Tax return here:  HERE

The tax return clearly states they support candidates for office who support “common sense measures”, but the return only mentions Democrats.

The Renner document left out the following facts:

  • Over 98% of mass shootings happen in “gun free zones.”
  • Gun ownership does not correlate with a higher homicide rate.
  • Gun bans are ineffective — yes, even the much-touted “gun buyback” program in Australia.
  • There’s a correlation between higher gun ownership and fewer mass public shootings.
  • Defensive gun use is higher than criminal firearm use.
  • The government has failed to protect us time and again.


Instead of spewing platitudes, the real reason for gun violence needs addressed.  Tari’s proclamation did nothing to accomplish that.

A good start would be ending “gun free zones”.

Next, start protecting OUR SCHOOLS the same way courts and judges are protected.  Since schools are a “gun free zone” with little or no security, they are killing zones.

Also, hold government accountable for background checks.  They are already required but government is the one failing to follow the rules.  The Texas church shooter should never have acquired a gun.  It was their fault his history never made it to the database.



14 thoughts on “Gun Violence Awareness Day: Renner

  1. I think the mayor should address the “Business Flee” zones sprouting up all over the city. When will this ideological nut address the elephant in the room?

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    1. Yes soon we will have people free zones and car free zones (future bike paths using the entire road)… a city wide “Welcome illegals Zone” because all the US citizens have moved away to find jobs out of Tari’s Reality Impaired Zone.


      1. I want to see all trucks, SUV’s taken away from all! They are assault weapons, along with knives,forks & the ever popular skillet!


  2. Tari HAS to divert attention from
    Falling revenue
    bad streets
    all the money that those fancy garbage bins WERE GOING to save us
    TIF zones
    Bad management
    HIS PCard spending and his “Margo” affair
    the arena and BCPA losses
    and himself
    SO WHAT would YOU do in his shoes-DIVERSION! It WORKS for idiots. And as the great imperial leader that he is. He HAS the right to decide what IS the best for us peons.. And Dianna, Johnee, Dave, Amelia, and the gang just bobble head along.
    Wonder WHAT his thoughts would be IF he lived in a country that HAS no laws..
    nod,nod, nod,

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  3. Another tidbit not mentioned: Most of the time, the DAs when plea dealing deal down the gun charges before anything else! When are the DAs are going to stop ignoring the fact if you PUNISH someone for gun violations you may get somewhere , but instead its the first cookie the bad guys get when dealing, take the gun charge off the table.


  4. Tari doesnt have to worry about GUN VIOLENCE in his Ivory Tower because he has ARMED BPD there to protect his royal self!


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