The Truth we already knew

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Welcoming Ordinance will be quickly back before the Bloomington City Council as soon as the new Council members are seated.  This time it will easily pass.  It will also be a lie.

Citizens will be told the ordinance is only to make illegals feel comfortable enough to report crimes.  That isn’t the real reason for passing it.

Thanks to Sonny Garcia – Illinois People’s Action – for letting the truth slip in an interview with ISU’s Channel 10.

You have to go to this link:

Listen to the video at 1:30.

Sonny states the Welcoming Ordinance will make Bloomington a Sanctuary City!

Of course we knew that, Tari Renner just kept proclaiming the last time this ordinance was discussed that it won’t.

Laws don’t matter in Normal since they already passed it.  Bloomington is next.

The County needs to play offense for a change and pass an ordinance stating they will not make the entire County a sanctuary by passing a Welcoming Ordinance.

While doing that, the County also needs to pass an ordinance making McLean County a gun sanctuary.  Over half of all Illinois Counties already have:




13 thoughts on “The Truth we already knew

  1. The real reason they want a “Welcoming Ordinance” is so that our local police will not check or know wether an arrested individual is or is not an illegal alien. They don’t want our citizenry to know if a crime was committed by an illegal. And the certainly don’t want our citizenry to demand that illegals who commit crimes be deported in accordance with the law!

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    1. No, but he is a convicted criminal who is a racist lapdog for Don Carlson and the DSA’s Illinois People’s Action.


  2. The leftward shift in Bln/NL is really disturbing. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this place. Florida looks better and better each and every day.


  3. When one comes to terms that Tari Renner and several members of the new city council have serious mental issues, then these actions are not a surprise. With Renner, it goes back to his childhood having no strong male authority figures in his life. There is much mystery as to his upbringing nor is he forthcoming about it except always bragging he was raised on public assistance. If this was the case, where was the money coming from to pay for many years in higher education when raised by a single mother. Is Renner is dad’s name, his mother’s a grandmother or grandfather? No one asks and no one seems to know. I have always believed he has severe self identity issues. Get the answer to this question and the onion begins to peel itself and exposes many of his secrets revealing why he acts the way he does. Carrillo is a bare knuckle racist, feminist and gay person angry at the world because of just about everything. She has been at war with herself thinking her family poverty was a social injustice and wants everyone to pay for it. It is of little surprise she majored in the humanities because it had no right or wrong answers, only theories of which she could put to use to explain her own convoluted world. Again, if so dirt poor, how did she afford college when she couldn’t afford to move herself in order to run for council. Crabill is also bit of a mystery but will reveal himself over time that will also bring personal issues to to the forefront. Most of these people are angry have been angry about something in their lives for a long time that they feel did not go their way. They carry it around like a millstone 24/7. Even when they try to be happy they still can’t control their anger. They see progressive causes as getting back at their personal bogeyman and see their newfound political power as a gut punch to the society that they feel wronged them along the way.

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    1. Never happen. King Tari has a stranglehold on the city of Bloomington thanks to the fact that his students are allowed to vote in local election.


  4. If Jenn doesn’t cost Tari his job, the Welcome Ordinance will. We’ll see if his ego is too big to realize that he’s about to become the best advertisement for his opponents. If a vocal “Stan-like” candidate emerges in Bloomington and Tari moves forward with his far left agenda, Renner is out. There were a lot of former establishment players that voted for Stan. They won’t admit it publicly or at the Chamber meeting, but they did. Expect the same in Bloomington next time around. Establishment members will look left, look right and pull the lever against Tari and his marionettes on the Council.

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    1. In the past, I would have agreed. However, Koos is an undeclared lame duck and has been extremely weakened over the past 2 elections. He faces strong opposition from members of the new Council and will be questioned and challenged publicly as his opposition has been gained momentum. The rubber stamp is gone. Renner is more vulnerable thanks to the success of the last election in Normal. People now see that he is not invincible…like Koos’ puppets. Also, the tax increases cost him some social capital with the flipfloppers and establishment. That means the County level politicians will at least be thinking twice before taking any aggressive positions or potential actions.

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