By: Diane Benjamin

Do not attend upcoming state capitol protests. This article at the Gateway Pundit explains there is a national alert put out and it smells to me like a false flag or the next step of a playbook to make conservatives look violent and to take away firearms. It only takes a handful of people to be violent to make the entire crowd look that way, or at least give an excuse to media to write it up and destroy more of our freedoms.

We have proof, President Trump’s speech asked for PEACEFUL protests. The swamp hates him so much he is being impeached again anyway.

Truth is immaterial.







24 thoughts on “Warning:

  1. I know you’re going to delete this because that’s what you do with anything you don’t agree with:
    This is batshit crazy. Sinister plot? False flag ? That’s insane no one is trying to take anyone’s guns away. Sorry you’ve gone off the deep end. Seek psychiatric help immediately this is not normal.


      1. Diane,
        Yes probably a Biden voter who therefore was never allowed to hear Joe’s statements on gun control, “coming after your guns” etc.

        This person only heard – Trump bad, Trump lies, Trump is an agent of Putin, Trump is a friend of China, Trump is and existential threat, new Trump bombshell, this is the end of Trump…… – Vote for Joe Biden!

        Probably doesn’t even know the name of Joe’s son and if they do thinks he is the smartest person Joe knows and has never done anything bad in his life. C’mon Man! are you a “one horse pony?”

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      2. It was obvious from the 1st sentence – it’s THEY who ban and censor, they who put people on lists, they who outwardly and proudly try to ruin anyone who speaks against them, and yes OP y’all have been trying to take away guns since the 70s, it’s been one of the core principles of the movement for decades, I guess you get to be in on all of the juicy stuff – calling everyone else psycho and telling them to “seek help” is another thing the left does, constantly – it’s part of the “marginalization” thing.

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    1. J Hohmann,
      1. If you think that Antifa and BLM don’t know how to take advantage of this situation you are deluded. They are well trained on how to instigate crowds. And it only takes a few.
      2. “no one is trying to take anyone’s guns away”. Do you live under a rock?

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  2. These protests will not happen because the president is poised to take thousands of traitors down. Any yes big Tech is going down too. The president yesterday as he was leaving for the border wall said this: What Big Tech is doing is really wrong – They have made a TERRIBLE mistake that is going to be CATASTROPHIC for them” – Yes all the Big Tech leadership are now traitors to their country and will be arrested soon.

    And for those who don’t understand why Congress is rushing to impeach and trying to get Pence to do the 25th Amendment is because a Special Ops force infiltrated Antifa when they led the break in to the Capital. Special Ops stole Nancy’s laptop. That is why she and all the rest of the traitors are freaking out. Trump knows everything now and they are going down soon.

    Stock up on popcorn and prepare for the emergency broadcast network to start feeding information to the people.

    Stay frosty Patriots! The best is yet to come.

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  3. I agree Diane, nothing to gain and a lot to lose by going to the capitol. Sad to say, but the media can’t hardly wait for something terrible to happen at one of these protests.

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    1. Country Bumpkin,
      Yes agree. No matter what happens their media will paint the protest as insurrection. They have defined ALL of us. Now they will righteously destroy ALL of us.

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  4. You absolute bellend, do you really believe that is is some left wing false flag plot to take away your guns? Sure Trump has said have a peaceful transition, but he has been stoking the flames for the past 5 years. Would you expect a bonfire that you’ve been adding wood to all night to just immediately extinguish? The Alt-right movement in this country is real, and it’s not just some plot by the left. The alt right is a threat to this country, and your thoughts of it’s a false flag movement will ruin this country. And really, quoting The Gateway Pundit? You might as well quote the Babylon Bee! You’ve gone crazy, time to put the keyboard down. You are damaging Bloomington-Normal, and you don’t even live in either city!


      1. The alt-right as it’s origins in white nationalism and conspiracy theories , with 4Chan and Breibart leading the charge in websites promoting the ideals. The ideals have been around longer than five years, and most scholars agree.

        And did you really call Trump one of the greatest presidents? 4 years of this presidency, and you honestly believe that?


  5. @QDUMBASS the Biden administration has admitted and campaigned on taking the guns away. You don’t even keep up with the side you defend. Hence your moniker. Why do you bother?

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  6. O.K. You think that your guns are going to be taken away. You thought that before, during the Obama administration. Diane, did anyone come and take any of your guns away? Old Stanky did anyone during the Obama administration knock on your door demanding your guns?
    That wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Having common sense gun control is NOT the same as taking anyone’s guns away.

    “And for those who don’t understand why Congress is rushing to impeach and trying to get Pence to do the 25th Amendment is because a Special Ops force infiltrated Antifa when they led the break in to the Capital.” You have absolutely NO evidence of that. None. You’re living in crazytown.

    Nothing you wrote is based on any reality. Your conspiracies would collapse under its sheer stupidity. Sorry, the government is not asking you to gather at different state capitals.

    And government MOST certainly did ask anyone to gather at Washington DC on January 6th. The buses from Bloomington who drove to the nation’s capital were going protest the “steal” and to hear Trump speak. Trump repeatedly Tweeted that their would be violence for weeks. He most certainly asked his supporters to march to the capital to stop the certification of Electoral College votes.


  7. “Having common sense gun control is NOT the same as taking anyone’s guns away.”

    In my opinion, it is. All gun control is unconstitutional. Period, no discussion. Not to mention, Biden is one of the key signers of the mid 90’s assault weapons ban. Are you sure they aren’t coming for our rights?

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      1. I look forward to your efforts to prove the existence of the Easter Bunny, Abominable Snowman and the Loch Ness Monster.

        The arrest of ONE person who identifies as Antifa doesn’t make an armed mob. There were hundreds of arrests of Trump supporters.


        As far as the NRA, they filed for bankruptcy and have been under scrutiny for misappropriation of funds and the lavish life style of its president. The NRA is doing a pretty good job at defeating themselves.


  8. Not that I expect them to read it, but here’s one more for the naysayers.

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