More Normal Water Complaints

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow up to these two stories:

The second story has a link to a FOIA listing complaints from citizens about the water quality in Normal. I spoke with 2 citizens and received a comment from a third that were not on that list as filing a complaint. All three told me they had.

I asked the FOIA officer to check again for more complaints. I received another batch this morning. At least one name is still missing:

Included are some additional complaints from the area Marc Tiritilli wrote about in the first story above – Grove and Ruston. The water main replacement that was fast-tracked because Marc got involved includes Oakdale. The Town had planned to not replace it for at least another year.

The complaints range from:

  • making them sick
  • brown water
  • yellow floaters
  • yellow water
  • light brown or tan water
  • smells and tastes bad
  • black specs
  • rusty water
  • smells like sewage
  • chemical taste – a business in Uptown
  • fishy odor
  • cloudy
  • hair damage
  • orange water that smells like rotten eggs
  • discolored laundry
  • reddish-brown granules
  • smells and tastes disgusting
  • sulfur smell
  • purple water
  • lime buildup in 2 month old water eater
  • black ring at the water line
  • rusty limey water – no chorine

Two of the complaint forms prove why Marc Tiritilli got involved. The first one shows Ruston had problems since at least the spring of 2019:

Replacement of the water main was never scheduled for 2020, it was on the 2022 schedule. The complaints from the Ruston area continued into 2020:

Marc’s Facebook post happened in December 2020. Replacing the water main was changed to 2021 because of it.

Read the complaints. Many people were told to run the water until it is clear. There is no mention of getting credit on their water bill for being forced to waste water.

This is more proof the priorities in Normal have little to do with what the citizens need. Kathleen Lorenz was wrong when she did her “rumor diatribe”. Instead of essential service spending, Normal wants to run water to Rivian when they already have water from Bloomington.

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2 thoughts on “More Normal Water Complaints

  1. Wonder what the Town has been so busy working on that they couldn’t address this emergency matter going back to 2019. Probably planning a festival, decorating the Uptown Hollywood movie set, or filling out grant applications for more taxpayer money. Oh, and how many of the elites in the Town Government were screaming about the water crisis in Flint, MI? Yet, they have no interest in the quality of the water in their own backyard. Hmm.

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