Attn: Local Socialists

I hope Dawn Shannon and Cities 92.9 have filed police reports:

6 thoughts on “Attn: Local Socialists

  1. Pam and Koons are guilty of intimidation as they used their official offices to take action against Maggie Miley’s and Joe’s Station House. Just days before they took action, Koos made a public announcement that the town’s response would be to forward complaints of indoor dining to the health department. Days later these two were sending police out to harass both places and they also sent threatening letters as the liquor commissioner.

  2. They should file police reports. These won’t be the first police reports against Sonny Garcia for intimidation. The problem is the police need to refer it to the states attorney. So far in the past they have not done so.

  3. Cities 929 should do a big story about Sonny Garcia and his intimidation tactics against local citizens. If a leader of a local conservative group did this the Pantagtaph, WGLT and Wjbc would run front page stories demanding they cease and desist. But journalism is dead except for Bln News.

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