Socialists attack another business

By: Diane Benjamin

When Krystle graduates with a degree in English Literature and can’t find a job, first she will blame capitalism. Second she will expect you to pay off her student loans.

Instead of working to make herself marketable, she prefers attacking the owner of a business in Leroy who went on the Cities 92.9 bus trip:

Her fellow socialists joined the effort:

I hope Dawn Shannon (owner) can find a lawyer willing to sue! Maybe she needs a GoFundMe!

This pic is just part of the crowd in DC listening to President Trump on April 6th. Trump didn’t call for violence. Only a small number of people compared to the huge crowd attacked the capital. They are criminals and must be prosecuted. Dawn Shannon was not one of them. No one who went on the bus trip was even close enough to the capital to know what happened.

The local socialists are the ones committing sedition, treason, and libel.

Socialists are the ones who do not support the Constitution and seek to overthrow it.

A few quotes from democrats, these are calls for violence:

“There will be blood in the streets.” -Loretta Lynch

“Who says protests have to be peaceful?” -Chris Cuomo

“There needs to be unrest in the streets.” -Ayanna Pressley

“Protesters should not let up.” -Kamala Harris

“I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over this country. Maybe there should be.”-Nancy Pelosi

“You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.”-Maxine Waters

Two Americas.

Pick a side:





23 thoughts on “Socialists attack another business

  1. These weak and low-IQ people (communists) always accuse others of what THEY THEMSELVES are doing. ALWAYS. There is no doubt in my mind that commie Krystle had a few comrades in DC on the 6th orchestrating this false flag. It’s all coming out.

  2. I’m NOT threatening anyone, but Miss Krystle had better relocate or sleep with one eye open with an attitude like she has! Dawn Shannon is a good friend of mine & I hope she sues her for all she has & more!!  Ron

  3. This is just dumb. While I vehemently disagree with the events that happened last Wednesday, I’ll still give Houdini’s my business. Probably more, now.

  4. They gal is so far out there Hubble couldn’t find her. Owner of Houdinis is a great gal. Go support her, let this piss ant have her 15 minutes of complaining and let’s step on.

  5. Still,,,the patriots far outnumber the traitors. If the fight gets to the streets the patriots will win as the cover for the antifa punks will be over.

  6. The social media posts by Krystle and Sonny say more about them than the business and business owner they are attacking. Even those that didn’t vote for Trump wouldn’t go as far as these two have, and like the vast majority of folks are just as repulsed by their commentary and antics. Of course, Krystle and Sonny are too stupid to realize their posts are more likely to have the exact opposite effect than that which they are seeking. On another note, I thought Krystle looked familiar…I believe she was all over Michael Straza’s campaign social media page attacking him for being a member of a church that allegedly had some sort of anti-gay rights position. Finally, you’d think as an English Literature major she would use proper grammar and persuasive arguments rather than resort to name-calling.

  7. Egads, socialism! Antifa! Terrorism! So much wrong with our community! Here lies the ruins of our community! It’s insane to think about this post. Thank you for this. Dire times lie ahead! I can’t fathom the future. Anyway, moving on. No more! End it!

    Look at the capital people!

  8. You are correct Diane. There are two Americas. One America is populated with regular folks, both democrats and republicans, that get up, go to work, come home, and have dinner with the family, pay their taxes, and get on with their lives. Maybe they go to church, maybe they don’t. Maybe they are passionate about a cause, maybe they aren’t. Maybe they attend a protest or counter protest, maybe they don’t. Residents of this America, no matter their political leanings, generally try to find out whats what by reading reliable publications, watching various news programs, and forming coherent opinions. These Americans are probably about 80% of the population.

    Then there is the other America. This America is populated with fringe individuals from both ends of the spectrum. These Americans lap up whatever their favorite ideologue preaches, be it Trump or AOC. They can’t really form their own opinions because they are too busy feeling good that their political deity of choice is telling them that they are better than the other side. These Americans flock to echo chamber websites and social media platforms because they can’t be bothered with moderate or coherent differing opinions. They feed on their own BS, they think the country is being stolen from them. It’s not. They think that a revolution is coming. It’s not. These Americans, the 20% fringe, are the ones who committed the despicable acts last week. And yes the fringe left committed despicable acts at protests over the summer as well.

    My sincere hope is the 80% of us will finally find a way to push the 20% fringe out of spotlight and we can get on with running the country instead of trying to convince you that Trump really did lose the election, no one stole it from him, and last weeks BS at the capitol really was insurrection and disgusting.

      1. And Trump’s opponent got 81 million votes. I’d be willing to bet a large portion of those 75 million votes were from people who held their nose while they voted. But the bottom line is 75 million wasn’t enough. It’s time for the republican party to move on and make itself more appealing to those 81million that voted for the other guy.

      2. Biden didn’t get anywhere near 80% and we all know that. It’s willfully ignorant people like the author above hiding behind his/her nauseating bubble of self-righteousness. Which is just about to get burst.

  9. You will never, ever convince me that Biden got more votes than Obama. I don’t care what you show me.

  10. Looks like Houdini’s need some local business. I don’t know if Friar Tuck and Benny’s are locally owned or not, but pretty sure Houdini’s could use the business. Just a thought.

  11. This cracks me up. I doubt they even know where Leroy is located since there’s no bike trail or connect transit route to get there.

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