Bloomington last night-Socialists were absent

By: Diane Benjamin

Not wanting to vote against the Welcoming America initiative, Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill were MIA last night. Next week they will present their own Welcoming Ordinance, a parade of illegal immigration supporters will appear. Carrillo sent the below to the aldermen she thought she could influence. Her attempt failed, they all voted yes to Welcoming America.

The Council heard from Connect Transit. They still haven’t decided on their top 3 locations downtown for a transfer station. Renner made it clear the choice is Connect Transit’s. So, if CT happens to pick City Hall he set it up so the Council must comply with their decision. Get ready!

Donna Boelen mentioned some cities, even large ones, are opting for ride sharing programs instead of an expensive bus fleet. We finally found out why CT does what they do:


They are extremely proud of all the grants they have received: transfer station, electric buses, solar panels, state and federal operating funds. Ryan Whitehouse, CT Board chair, stated the Federal money would disappear without the buses.

CT prefers empty buses to fiscal responsibility.

Here’s some of what CT is so proud of obtaining:

It’s almost like they forgot this is TAX money people worked hard for and government is tossing to empty buses! (Those electric buses are much heavier, I wonder if grants are available to fix what government broke – the roads)

CT wants community input on hiring a new General Manager:

I can see why they are having trouble getting responses – click the link.

Tari thinks the downtown transfer station will revitalize downtown. The local obsession continues to be making people abandon their cars and enjoy riding a bus. (Zero chance of success)

See 1:12:00. Tari Renner talked about the events last week in DC. He was appalled and never thought he would see this in America.

Tari: We never thought we would see looting in Bloomington-Normal. We never thought we would see terrorists taking over Democrat cities and the Democrat leadership doing nothing to stop them. We never thought we would see Democrats raising bail money (Kamala Harris) for those arrested and other Democrats claiming BLM and ANTIFA were justified in burning down businesses and government buildings. We never thought government would want to defund the police. Yet democrats in Illinois want to do it.

1:15:45. Julie Emig read something that proves she missed “in order to form a more perfect Union” in the first paragraph of the Constitution. America has always wanted to do better. The Constitution has been trampled for decades. The left needs to read it and quit pretending it’s a living breathing document. The answers are in it. At 1:21:10 Joni Painter disputes that. Evidently it doesn’t matter, we just need to be nicer to each other. 1:22:45 Mollie Ward wasn’t surprised by the violence. She implies racism caused it. Go back to 1:16:30. Mboka Mwilambwe talked about using words wisely.

I’d still like somebody to point out where in Trump’s speech he incited violence. Have you noticed no video is ever played? That is because he called for peaceful protests. Fake Media has caused major divisions, this is just another example. When people are lied to by media and elected officials over and over and over for 4 years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some are going to crack. The endless lockdowns and businesses closures exasperated the problems.

There are two Americas. Violence isn’t the answer. Elected officials pretending they have answers definitely won’t solve anything.

13 thoughts on “Bloomington last night-Socialists were absent

  1. As Diane mentioned, Jenn and Jeff didn’t want to be on the record opposing the current measure. It would make for a bad headline. Of course, they won’t get anywhere next week. They’ll be the sole two “yea” votes, as the other members will say something like ‘we took this up last week’ Jenn and Jeff will score some brownie points with their base at the expense of time that would otherwise be devoted to more important and relevent City business. CT continues to prove they don’t get it. They’re existence relies on a continous spigot of taxpayer-funded grants. It’s likely they spend more time and money on writing grants than address service deficencies and needed improvements. The presentation is intended to convince the City Council and taxpayers that CT costs the City so little money, realtively speaking. Of course, they didn’t share how much the City gives them each month. (Diane does.) Noticably absent, as uaul with government, is how much these items will cost to maintain. Wonder how CT will factor that into their budget. Oh, silly me…there’s probably a grant for that too. 😉

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  2. The portion of the meeting that I heard last night included each of the board members praising the Public Works department. Yes – we ALL appreciate our Public Works Department, but that it true every day. Someone read the status of total number of hours worked, plus there were over 1000 hours of overtime worked already for 2021.

    I read somewhere Public Works would be picking up limbs for $25 per scoop. Or we can try to get our limbs to the Community Drop Off Center (the last time I tried to drop off there, they told me there was an arbitrary limit. I tried to throw away some old landscaping bricks that were used as a boarder – I was told I could “drop off” a 5 gallon bucket of bricks. OK – how many bricks are in a 5 gallon bucket? They didn’t know. It was unbelievable.)

    Seriously, why can’t Bloomington pickup bulky trash from the curb – including limbs? Why can’t both local governments get back to basics – just focus on infrastructure issues and maintenance. Pickup the downed limbs, maintain the roads, provide water, etc…

    Really I would love to know why these two local governments can’t consolidate into one Bloomington/Normal Government!!
    Specifically on the topic of trash, Normal does a great job of picking up all of the trash – all of the time! Maybe Bloomington could ask them how they do it – I am sure they would share their secret.

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      1. Why wouldn’t it work – it doesn’t fit their plans for bloated government staff and duplication?
        There are much larger cities who manage just fine .
        What didn’t work about it?


  3. Jen’s attempt to take the reins of the police department because according to her (see the video of her demonstration speech), they and the rest of the white nationalists/racists in our community are out to get illegal aliens.
    Such a serious charge needs to be definitively explained. How, When, Where, According to Whom? You can’t just scream RACIST! and then walk away.

    Jenn – Explain your charges against our community and our police department.

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  4. Precisely the plan in conjunction with a Welcoming Cities ordinance. (Which, by the way, was originally a Clinton Foundation initiative.) But it’s for the children, don’t you know.


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