What socialists do

By: Diane Benjamin

The local (Democrat) socialists pretend they support the people. They don’t – they only want power. They will use that power to do what socialists always do, punish their enemies. They don’t want to learn or have discussions. They demand you comply or be destroyed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that tactic by their members on the Bloomington City Council. Next April they hope to add more aldermen and then the REAL punishment can begin.

Girlfriend of Sonny Garcia (unless that has changed) Krystle Able is on a campaign to destroy anyone associated with Cities 92.9 and the bus trip to Washington DC.

The media is pretending President Trump incited violence. Can someone tell me where in the speech he did that? Did they miss the part about him calling for peaceful protests at the capital? Did anyone bother to listen to the speech?

Hundreds of thousands of people were there and heard the president, yet only a tiny portion of them attacked the capital.

Being clueless isn’t stopping good little socialist Krystle Able from trying to get Cities 92.9 advertisers to leave. She even has tons of time to expose her version of local domestic terrorists to her small band of anti-capitalists.

Below are some comments.

This one was sent to an advertiser:

Sent to the station:

Another one sent to the station:

Obviously not a listener sent this one:

I redacted the names to protect the uniformed.

This one is funny. How does he “view” radio?

Cities 92.9 had this response:

The bus trip was to demand election integrity. We still don’t have it and now never will thanks to the violence by a small minority. Joe Biden will forever be an illegitimate president.

If the local socialists want to paint everyone who was in DC with the same brush:

All of you are responsible for the looting that took place last summer. We know some of your buddies participated, therefore you are all criminals. That makes just as much sense as your nonsense.

The local socialist need to stop playing childish games. I don’t expect that to happen because they are doing what socialists do: Destroy whatever is in their way regardless of the truth.

They call it community organizing.

What they are is afraid of Trump and his supporters. The won’t be able to erase 75 million voters who now know America First was good for America. Obviously socialists don’t want full employment, closing wage gaps, energy independence, peace in the Middle East, no new wars, border security, and prosperity.

(They want you to think stealing from the rich is better policy)

11 thoughts on “What socialists do

  1. Due respect there were not hundreds of thousand of people there

    About 20k max.

    Just out of curiosity how many of your readers are refusing the socialist stimulus checks?


    Sometimes you like socialism: driving on highways, military, police and fire, stimulus checks just to name a few of the hundreds of socialist programs that benefit ALL.

  2. The same centuries-old story: a small group of ugly, angry, unintelligent people with no authentic power (not even over themselves) wasting their every waking moment plotting how to get some. Instead of actually doing good for other people or themselves, which is where ALL power begins and ends. Lucifer is having his way with them and I pity them.

  3. Socialism is the fear that your neighbor doesn’t have enough God given sense to rule themselves but you have more than enough to rule them. You look to the rulers to give you that power.

  4. @TOM – yeah when Joe Biden kicked off his campaign for president NO ONE showed up. As the campaign relized this to be a tend they decided to just creepy old Joe in the basement so he had less chance to embarass his demented self.

  5. The left and the RINOS has both missed the point of the protest. Americans are sick and tired of being told where to go what to do and being held prisoner without due process. THE DC incident was just a small example of how pissed off we are. They say that they trespassed in the capital building? How can one trespass in a building that belongs to them? Just wait till the Patriots get really pissed. It will make this incident look like a day in the park. The tyrants country wide are using this to their advantage. Just wait till the real Americans really get mad! All these people who have been arrested and blackballed are now opening their eyes and coming back to the citizens. It’s going to get worse people!

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