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I could post many examples that prove we are in a fight between Good and Evil. Evil is attacking the Bill of Rights and Freedom. If you want to stand with patriots, keep reading.

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Illinois Conservative Union is the group working with Judicial Watch on Election Integrity in Illinois.

17 thoughts on “Pick a Side

  1. I say this from a Christian perspective because that’s where I come from. I won’t apologize for this and I hope I don’t offend anyone. I’m not here to argue for or against beliefs. If you agree, good, if not I hope you can find your joy elsewhere.

    Is it a coincidence that I just last night and this morning I was inspired to read Daniel in the Bible? I’ve not been reading my Bible at all lately but… well, I did. It occurred to me that I should read this to be ready for an opportunity to share it with my grandchildren because their fear and uncertainty that probably lies under the surface must be immense, especially when they see fear or anger in the eyes of their parents and grandparents. Who do children look to for an explanation about their world? Thankfully, at this time, for many its not in our schools. Is it in our homes?

    But maybe there’s a broader audience?
    This book in the old testament is about a time like today. It’s Daniel’s prayer after he hears about what is going to happen to his nation. The point is not that we are cursed but that we have hope. We all need hope to stay joyful even in this time. Hope comes from the Lord. I encourage those who are believers to read their Bible. If you can, go to your church in person or on line. Find your joy if not for yourself at least for your children.

    Daniel 9: 1-19
    Righteousness belongs to You, O Lord, but to us confusion and open shame, as it is this day—to the men of Judah, to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, those who are nearby and those who are far away, in all the countries to which You have driven them, because of the [treacherous] acts of unfaithfulness which they have committed against You. O LORD, to us belong confusion and open shame—to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers—because we have sinned against You.
    To the Lord our God belong mercy and lovingkindness and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against Him; and we have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God by walking in His laws which He set before us through His servants the prophets.
    Yes, all Israel has transgressed Your law, even turning aside, not obeying Your voice; so the curse has been poured out on us and the oath which is written in the Law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against Him. And He has carried out completely His [threatening] words which He had spoken against us and against our rulers [the kings, princes, and judges] who ruled us, to bring on us a great tragedy; for under the whole heaven there has not been done anything [so dreadful] like that which [He commanded and] was done to Jerusalem. Just as it is written in the Law of Moses, all this tragedy has come on us.
    Yet we have not wholeheartedly begged for forgiveness and sought the favor of the LORD our God by turning from our wickedness and paying attention to and placing value in Your truth. Therefore the LORD has kept the tragedy ready and has brought it on us, for the LORD our God is [uncompromisingly] righteous and openly just in all His works which He does—He keeps His word; and we have not obeyed His voice.”And now, O Lord our God, who brought Your people out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand and who made for Yourself a name, as it is today—we have sinned, we have been wicked. O Lord, in accordance with all Your righteous and just acts, please let Your anger and Your wrath turn away from Your city Jerusalem, Your holy mountain. Because of our sins and the wickedness of our fathers, Jerusalem and Your people have become an object of scorn and a contemptuous byword to all who are around us.
    Now therefore, our God, listen to (heed) the prayer of Your servant (Daniel) and his supplications, and for Your own sake let Your face shine on Your desolate sanctuary. O my God, incline Your ear and hear; open Your eyes and look at our desolations and the city which is called by Your name; for we are not presenting our supplications before You because of our own merits and righteousness, but because of Your great mercy and compassion.
    O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and take action! Do not delay, for Your own sake, O my God, because Your city and Your people are called by Your name.”

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  2. God already knows who is on His side and who isn’t. Decades of removing Him from the public square and denying His existence, He has had it. God no longer cares what happens to America, a country He blessed long ago. He is letting it cave in on itself as He should. Men were given free will by Him and decided to waste it for evil pursuits, as always. God has left America’s survival up to a few that will like it or not, have to bear and use arms to save her. Time from protests and joining useless organizations that do nothing has past. When they come for your property, shoot back and shoot to kill if you must. Don’t start it but finish it. God will sort it out.


      1. Eventually Antifa, BLM and/or Democratic Socialists of America. Your comment shows how ill- informed and naive you are. I will never start but I will protect what I love even if I have to go to jail and die for it. Protests and belonging to worthless organizations have proved meaningless. In a year or less, you will not notice your country.


  3. You’re far from the only one who has been doing some Bible referencing, I think a lot of people have been, well, those on the “right” side that is. As one of the people I watch on videos said last night as well, no matter what happens in the next couple of weeks we have to take a stand in all of our cities, towns and even villages, we have to mobilize to take back the local governments, city councils/boards etc the school boards, state reps etc, even if we are not the majority we have to increase our presence and our voices have to become much louder and clearer and, more demanding. They got into all of the key areas while “we” started small businesses, learned trades, farmed, drove trucks, and kept their little world going, we can still do that but we also have to take back some control – it’s not too late no matter what happens in the next few days – but time is swiftly passing they are shutting us down methodically and relentlessly “making lists”, censoring, banning, stopping our communication, closing down the places in which we gather together OH, JUST like they did in Germany, in Russia, in China, in Cambodia, in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Romania, in Uganda and the ugly list goes on and on. We have one more chance, I am 100% convinced of that, and we better take it. And, I’m gonna add, it’s NOT “just a mask” it is a symbol of compliance, it IS a muzzle, a gag, and a mark of sorts, and it was the beginning of the actual tyranny.

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  4. Also, please join your local GOP. It is $25.00 a year to join & receive emails of what they are doing & ways you can volunteer. This money also goes to local & state candidates that we support. This was my 1st year to join & it was very gratifying and I’ve met many upbeat, inspiring patriotic people. It’s an upper! You should be able to find it under Mclean County Republican Party.


      1. Well,mpeabody, then you tell us what your plan is which I’m sure you don’t have or you would have suggested it. You sound like a do nothing complainer.


  5. It is working quite well for Antifa and BLM. No one does a thing to them and they are getting their way through intimidation. I know people that if confronted by these groups we are apt to shoot back and worry about the consequences later. Again, they will not start it but finish it. Keep telling people that this or that organization will save them because they won’t. We will all wait for a non-existent savior to arrive that doesn’t exist. I will not look for it but I will no longer take it either. Gun stores in Indiana this weekend couldn’t keep guns on the shelves. Our opponents have decided to take it to another level. Bad decision but play stupid games win stupid prizes. Get back me in a year when your country is gone.


  6. Ruby: Here is my plan. Never trust the GOP again. They never have helped or will they. Care to tell me where years of electing the Brady’s, Davis, LaHood, Kinzinger has advanced conservative causes? Nowhere that’s what. My plan is to arm myself to the teeth, mind my own business and put faith in myself like millions of others have come to realize. If someone decides to try to harm my family, self or property good luck. I might get hurt or worse but I guarantee they will. Keep putting your faith in worthless politicians and organizations that when push comes to shove, play you and others like you like an old fiddle. Best of luck to you and yours when the shit hits the fan for real. That’s my plan. Like the answer?

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