Socialists attack another business

By: Diane Benjamin When Krystle graduates with a degree in English Literature and can’t find a job, first she will blame capitalism. Second she will expect you to pay off her student loans. Instead of working to make herself marketable, she prefers attacking the owner of a business in Leroy who went on the Cities […]

The High Speed Rail Falacy

by:  Diane Benjamin Associated Press is reporting the new business generated from the government spending billions for high speed rail.  New rail cars, interiors, and a bunch of other gizmos that are required to complete the project.  Here’s the difference between capitalists and big government guys:  Capitalists don’t steal money from people for their businesses. […]


November 7, 2012 By Michael Connelly I have repeatedly stated in speeches and on my radio show that many Americans are woefully unaware of what the Constitution says, and that means that if they don’t know how our government works and what rights they have then they won’t recognize what they are losing until it is too […]